Get Your Swamp Cooler Ready for Summer with $150 Plumbing Services in Colorado Springs, CO

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The weather is heating up, and before you know it, summer will be here. Getting your swamp cooler ready for the summer months has never been easier with Affordable Rooter’s $150 service deal. We will provide you with a service call for your swamp cooler at this low rate and make sure yours is ready to come out of winter with no hiccups!

Save money on breakdowns

You can avoid the hassle of making sure your swamp cooler is operational for the summer by calling for plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO today. With this low $150 rate from Affordable Rooter, you will be ready to beat the heat while saving on unexpected repair costs throughout the summer.

When you have your swamp cooler prepped for summer now, you avoid the long wait times and make sure your system avoids costly breakdowns when you need it the most. Not only will you save on this incredible deal, but you will also enjoy savings all summer long as your swamp cooler is fully inspected for any wear or damage that occurred since you last used your unit.

A plumbing service in Colorado Springs, CO will be able to identify any areas of concern in your swamp cooler so you can avoid a major malfunction come summer. Why wait until it heats up to know if your swamp cooler is running effectively when you can take advantage of this $150 special and have yours serviced today?

A full inspection of your swamp cooler

When you call for plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO from Affordable Rooter, your swamp cooler will be fully maintained by our professional staff. They will get your swamp cooler ready by unwinterizing it for the season. This includes a full re-pressurizing of the system, as well as replacement of the cooler cloths. All of the supply lines will be inspected to ensure your swamp cooler is operational all summer long without leaks or faults.

We will also be sure to check your pump’s function, as well as grease all the bearings to avoid friction. The belt will be inspected for wear and tension to see if it needs replacement, which can save you on a service call this summer. In addition, the float will be adjusted, and the drain will be cleared of winter buildup. Plus, a service technician will be sure to test the operation of your swamp cooler to make sure you are cool and comfortable when temperatures really start to heat up.

When you take advantage of Affordable Rooter’s $150 swamp cooler checkup special, you will be getting peace of mind that your cooling system is functioning properly. This will keep it operational through the summer and avoid preventable breakdowns early on. Call Affordable Rooter to have a system tune-up for your swamp cooler. We offer all the plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO that you need to keep your home comfortable and functional, and can repair, maintain or troubleshoot virtually any water or sewer problem. Get in touch today to take advantage of this special offer!

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