Have a Plumber in Colorado Springs, CO Perform a Sprinkler System Checkup at Your Home

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Summer is on its way, and now is the perfect time to perform a checkup of your sprinkler system. Since several months have passed since you last used your sprinkler system, you want to ensure that you are ready to go this summer without any issues. The winter can wreak havoc on a sprinkler system, causing damage that a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO will need to repair.

Reduce water usage and costs

Forgoing a tune up of your sprinkler system can be more costly than you think. It can affect your utility bill by watering ineffectively or excessively. It can also cause damage to your yard, as you don’t get the proper filtration you need to ensure successful growth of your lawn, bushes and plants. Underwatering can starve your grass, while overwatering can run up your water bill, defeating the purpose of having a sprinkler system in the first place.

When your sprinkler system is working correctly, it uses minimal water to irrigate your grass, saving you over the course of the summer on your utility bills. A sprinkler system that needs repairs can drive these costs up and make watering your grass feel like more of a hassle than it is worth. Having a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO perform a checkup on your sprinkler system now can help you avoid excessive water use and make sure that your property is maintained properly all summer long.

The inspection process

During a sprinkler system checkup, a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO will come to your home and perform a thorough inspection of your entire sprinkler system. They will check for any leaks that may have occurred over the winter months that could render your system useless this summer. They will also examine all your sprinkler heads for damage. During the winter frost, these heads can break and crack. This will require replacement before you begin using your sprinkler system again in the summertime.

Water pressure is also an issue that may have changed since last summer. During your sprinkler system checkup, a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO will make sure you have the correct pressure to water your yard properly. This will also include inspection of your water meter, sprinkler controller and timer, so you are assured your sprinkler system will operate as required. Any issues that aren’t readily visible will also be handled prior to its use. This will make sure your sprinkler system is ready to go this summer without any delay.

By calling your plumber in Colorado Springs, CO now, you can ensure your sprinkler system is fully operational without issues for the summertime. You will also keep your watering costs to a minimum and keep your yard lush and green all season long. Call Affordable Rooter for your sprinkler system maintenance needs. We are a full-service plumbing company that offers a variety of plumbing, sewer, excavation and drain cleaning services, and will be able to help you with any water issue you are having, big or small.

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