How to Get a Second Opinion on Sewer Line Services and Excavation

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As a homeowner, you know all too well just how much work it takes to keep your home standing and in one piece. But through proper maintenance, you can prevent the need for constant services for costly home repairs, parts replacement and service evaluations. This includes maintaining your property’s sewer lines and drains to avoid the need for professional plumbing work to unclog and remove line debris. However, in the event that you do find yourself needing to hire for a major plumbing job, always seek a second opinion.

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With this in mind, let’s look at the importance of getting a second opinion for home sewer services and excavation in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Not all companies are honest: While there are many honest plumbers out there, there are some who prey on homeowners who just their plumbing problem to go away, right now. If you feel like you’ve let your desperation show, call in another company for their assessment of the situation before making a decision based on emotion.
  • You could end up paying more when you don’t have to: It would be a huge downer to find out you didn’t actually need your entire home sewer line replaced—that, in fact, it could have lasted for many more years. Before you sign any kind of service agreement with a company, get a second opinion and then compare the two.
  • It might be a repair, not a replacement: There’s a big difference between sewer repair and sewer line replacement. A repair means there’s only a specific section of piping or a particular plumbing part that needs fixing. In other words, a replacement part is not the same as a replacement system that requires excavation services.
  • You might not need a certain service: Pipes clogged? Experiencing significant water pressure changes? To avoid paying for plumbing services you do not need, find a company that utilizes a drain camera so they can accurately pinpoint the source of problem. You may have a simple clog or a debris buildup that’s obstructing proper water flow—or the problem could be greater, like a corroded sewer line.

There are some times when you’ll want to seek a second opinion just to ensure you know what you’re getting into—and to protect yourself from making a decision you might regret:

  • If a plumbing company uses phrases like “digging,” “complete sewer line replacement” or “excavation in Colorado Springs, CO,” think “second opinion.” These terms will undoubtedly mean it’s going to be an expensive project.
  • If the parts and service quote is over a couple thousand dollars, it’s recommended that you get at least one more quote from a reputable company. Wait to hear the second company’s thoughts after they’ve conducted a thorough inspection and evaluation of your sewer lines.
  • If you sense that the plumbing contractor or company is not being completely honest, or even purposely overcharging you, follow your gut. The repair or replacement cost could indeed be that high, but it’s best to hear a similar number from another company first.

At Affordable Rooter, we offer fast and free second opinions for plumbing excavation in Colorado Springs, CO, as well as sewer line repairs and replacement services. Getting a second opinion could save you thousands of dollars—don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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