Time to Prepare for Winter: 4 Tips from a Professional Plumber

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While many of the clients we work with here in Colorado Springs are seasonal residents only, who use their Colorado Springs homes for vacation, we also work with many people who are year-round residents. We assist seasonal clients with winterizing their homes, and are also more than happy to help year-round residents prepare for the upcoming frozen months.

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If you plan to live in your home all winter, there are certain steps you should take to prevent your pipes from freezing. After all, freezing could cause leaks and cracks to form in your foundation, which could force you to seek out some significant and expensive repairs. Here are a few ways you can avoid these types of unnecessary costs and the services of an emergency plumber in Colorado Springs, CO this winter:

  • Use space heaters: If you have crawl spaces in your home, this is going to be where you are most vulnerable to frozen pipes. After all, these spaces aren’t heated like the rest of your home, and yet there is likely to be a lot of plumbing running through them. One great way to ensure the pipes in these crawl spaces do not freeze is to use space heaters in your crawl areas. This will keep the air in the crawl space at a sufficient temperature to avoid frozen, bursting pipes.
  • Protect any pipes exposed to winds: The winds can become cold and harsh here in Colorado Springs during the winter months. If you have any outdoor plumbing lines that are exposed to the elements, make sure you’ve taken sufficient steps to protect them from freezing over the winter. This applies to outdoor faucets, sinks and any other plumbing fixtures you have outside of your house. You can protect them with extra insulation or coverings.
  • Keep your heat running: You should keep your thermostat set at 60 degrees or higher over the winter to guarantee your pipes will not freeze. While it is always going to be tempting to let the temperature in your home dip to save some money on your utility bills, if you go too low, you run the risk of damaging your plumbing. At that point, you’re no longer saving money—instead, you’re paying far more for repairs than you ever would have on your heating bill.
  • Open cabinets: Help your pipes under the sink to get some warmth by opening up your cabinet doors and introducing warm air into those spaces. This will help to get those non-heated spaces underneath cabinets to a temperature that will more effectively prevent the pipes from freezing and bursting.

These are just a few of the simplest and most effective tips we recommend to anyone who owns a home in Colorado Springs and is looking to protect their house from potential frozen pipes this winter. For more information about preparing your home for winter and the services the team at Affordable Rooter can provide to our customers, contact a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO today.

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