5 Essential Best Practices for Sewer Line Repair and Cleanup

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When you require sewer line repair, outdoor sewer line excavation is the best way to go about it. If plumbers must access the line from inside, that often means tracking dirt into your home and a host of other additional precautions. When you need excavation and repair, here are the  5 essential best practices professional plumbers recommend to get everything working well once again:

  • Never let it linger: Call a plumber sooner rather than later. You want to address these issues as soon as possible, since sewer line damage tends to accumulate and cause additional property impacts. It also turns your home and yard into a hazardous waste area that could expose you and your neighbors to pathogens. Likewise, we return the favor by finishing the work as soon as possible rather than stretching it out over a number of days.
  • Assure safety: If there is sewage backup in your home, we need to take several precautions. First, there are the obvious hazards of bacterial and pathogen dangers from waste. This requires protective equipment, which includes respirators in extreme cases. Second, we check for electrical and mechanical dangers. In flooded areas, electrical wires can turn standing sewage into a shocking experience, so a visit to the fuse box to turn off power is almost always in order here. When we keep excavation outside, these are not major concerns.
  • Take damage control precautions: As we excavate and repair, it is imperative that you do not flush toilets or run water. You may create a whole new problem with toilet overflow, and while we appreciate the business, we need to address your sewer line first. If any items are contaminated by overflowing sewage, dispose of them. You cannot rehabilitate them after that experience. Anything in the danger area that could be exposed to sewage should be removed if possible.
  • Allow airflow: If outdoor temperatures allow, open windows and screened doors. The sunlight as well as the airflow will help dry out the affected areas and disinfect them. In serious flooding situations, you often need to hire a water damage restoration company as well to avoid mold growth and other bad developments. If we are outside, and they are inside drying out your home, that is the best-case scenario for your life returning to normal sooner!
  • Prevent future occurrences: When there is a need for sewer line excavation and repair, we work to prevent that from happening again. We see what is going on, whether the line contained a stubborn clog or if older pipes disintegrated. If the problem started with one fixture, it could be an issue with it or the branch lines that lead up to it. Once we finish the work, you may request a camera inspection just to confirm that all the problems were addressed.

When you require sewer line repair or sewer line excavation in Colorado Springs, CO, call Affordable Rooter. We act fast to contain that sewer line before you suffer further property damage and headaches!

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