Why Plumbers Recommend a Video Sewer Line Inspection Before You Buy

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Anyone who has experienced a sewer line backup knows they never want to go through that again. If you wish to avoid sewer line replacement or sewer line repair in Colorado Springs, CO, consider a video sewer line inspection before you buy a home. You will discover issues before you buy so you can opt to step away from the deal or negotiate a price decrease. Here is what you need to know about video inspections and how they benefit you.

How camera inspections work

Inspections usually occur after repair work. Once the drain is clear, a plumber sends a video line into the sewage pipe and uses a screen to check the condition of the pipe. When we perform this work, we look for clogs or deterioration that could affect your drainage later.

The camera inspection works for all sorts of sewer lines. We can check the main line that connects your home to the city sewer system. It also works on branch lines which lead to the various fixtures in your home, including sinks, toilets and appliances like dishwashers or washing machines. If there is a certain fixture that seems to attract most of the trouble, we can focus on it.

When performed after repairs, this process confirms if a clog is truly gone or if more clearing work is required. In a pre-purchase inspection, this confirms the condition of the pipes and whether you have more work ahead of you once you buy the home.

Benefits of the camera inspection

The camera inspection is helpful when you order repairs and before you purchase a home. Benefits include:

  • Confirm condition: No one wants a house that comes with extra problems like disintegrating sewer lines and permanent clogging. We can check this and reduce the likelihood of continuing problems and repeated rooter visits.
  • Assess capabilities: If you are buying a home with a septic system or you suspect the plumbing has not been upgraded for a while, the inspection checks to be sure it will work to the capacity you demand from it. Corrosion or an inability to drain suggests problems that require an upgrade in the plumbing system. If you know this before you buy, then you can decide whether to keep looking or ask for a price reduction.
  • Find difficult issues: The previous owners may dismiss an issue as something that has always been the case. You do not have to accept this, and the camera inspection could offer an explanation. Once you know the cause, you can decide if the house is worth the risk.

Cameras used for sewer line inspections are only available to professionals. Never try to do this with regular consumer-grade cameras. They are not made to withstand the conditions in a drainage pipe and may not maintain focus anyway. Our cameras contain a self-focusing feature that allows us to diagnose problems better.

A sewer line inspection can make a big difference in home purchases, sewer line repairs or sewer line replacement in Colorado Springs, CO. Call Affordable Rooter today to schedule your inspection.

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