Watch Out for Tree Roots – How to Protect Your Sewer Lines This Spring

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Spring has sprung in Colorado Springs, CO, and now is the perfect time for sewer line maintenance. As the weather warms and the snow begins to melt, you need to think about the health of your sewer line. These first warm days have trees, bushes and plants budding underground and there is great activity within their root systems that can wreak havoc on your sewer line.

Watch Out for Plant & Tree Roots

When these plants and trees begin their spring growth spurt, their roots begin to extend underground and into your sewer line. This can lead to serious damage and impact your sewer line’s ability to function properly. The longer you allow these trees to take shape, the more impact they have on your sewer line, as they have aggressive root systems that can be as fine as tiny hairs when they begin to grow.

This delicate root system can find its way easily into your sewer line and create an obstruction that would require major repairs. At the first hint of spring, you should be calling for preventative sewer line maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO to ensure these roots don’t take over your sewer line and cause problems that can be both costly and difficult to repair.

With Sewer Line Maintenance, An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

By having preventative sewer line maintenance performed, you will have your sewer lines snaked out or pressure washed with a hydro-jetting system which can eliminate these root systems from taking hold and creating damage to your sewer line. By preventing these root balls from forming, you will have a sewer line that is operational and functional throughout the warm weather season and help to eliminate the presence of these roots in your sewer line.

Waiting to call for preventative sewer line maintenance can have devastating effects on your sewer system. As these tree and bush roots begin to overtake your sewer line, they cause your sewer to drain more slowly and less efficiently. The longer you wait to have sewer line maintenance done on your system, the larger the problem you are creating and the more costly it will be to repair.

Sewer lines that are left untreated can be more difficult to fix, as there are more roots to contend with than if you’d had sewer line maintenance done in the spring, when these roots are first taking shape. A good cleaning of your sewer line can clear your system of any obstructions that are forming as a result of these roots and allow your sewer system to operate at its optimum level throughout the season.

Who to Call for Sewer Line Maintenance in Colorado Springs?

With professional sewer line maintenance, you will have a sewer line that is free and clear of spring growth. If you are in Colorado Springs, CO, contact Affordable Rooter for preventative sewer line maintenance. We are experienced in a variety of plumbing, sewer, excavation and drain cleaning services, and look forward to assisting you soon!

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