Home for the Holidays: Making Sure Your Bathroom Is Ready for Holiday Guests

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Whether you are hosting a party, the kids are coming home from college or the in-laws are in town, your home is about to be overrun by holiday visitors. Prepping for holiday guests can be stressful, and it can be easy to overlook a few things. Just be sure not to overlook your bathroom.

There’s more to prepping your bathroom for holiday guests than just a thorough cleaning and a call for plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO. If you want to impress your guests this holiday season, here are a few pointers to help you make sure your bathroom is ready for the holidays:

  • Have a stock of fresh towels and washcloths: Make sure that you have a stock of clean towels and washcloths ready to go when your guests arrive. Put your linens in an area that is easily accessible to your guests so they can get what they need, when they need it. A smart idea is to leave a set of towels on your guest’s bed so they know that these towels are there specifically for their use.
  • Start collecting mini toiletries: We’ve all gone on a trip and forgotten to pack our body wash or toothpaste. To make life easier on your guests, start collecting mini toiletries such as shampoo, lotion and toothpaste ahead of time. These items can be picked up cheaply at your local pharmacy or even be free “leftovers” from your last hotel stay. Whatever the case may be, your guests will appreciate your resourcefulness.
  • Do some odor control: We really do become blind to the odors in our own homes. Even if your bathroom may look clean and smell clean to you, that doesn’t mean your guests won’t be able to pick up on a foul odor or two. Try a plug-in scent diffuser or even some candles to do some odor control. It’s also kind to include an odor spray for if guests want to be able to mask their own odors before exiting the bathroom.
  • Have backup paper products: In a house full of people, you can never have too much toilet paper. Buy extra toilet paper, even more than you think you’ll need, and be sure to leave extra rolls in the bathroom and check them frequently. The last thing you or your guests want is to have to pass an emergency roll of toilet paper through a crack in the bathroom door.
  • Check your plumbing: A slightly clogged sink or slow flushing toilet might not seem like a big deal now, but the increased traffic in your bathroom over the holidays can turn a small problem into a big mess. For pre-holiday bathroom maintenance, call your local plumber to schedule plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Don’t add to your holiday stress by having to deal with any bathroom mishaps. By following the few tips above, you can be sure your bathroom is “user-friendly” for your guests. Just don’t forget, for more serious bathroom maintenance issues, to call Affordable Rooter for plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO.

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