What Does a Camera Study Tell You?

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Many homeowners struggle with sewage backups or clogs that just won’t seem to go away, no matter what. If you’re struggling with this issue, it may benefit you to call a professional plumber and have them conduct what is known as a camera study. This study is an in-depth sewer line inspection in Colorado Springs, CO that can provide you with a lot of detail about your sewer main line and the cause of your sewage problems.

Some of the most useful new tools in the plumbing industry are high-quality camera equipment that can be used to inspect sewer lines. Because of this new technology, many plumbers recommend having camera studies done when homeowners face major clogs and before purchasing property to ensure the quality of the main line. Here are some of the things a professional camera study can tell you about your sewer lines:

  • Existing problems: The most beneficial thing you can learn from a video sewer line inspection in Colorado Springs, CO is what is causing any existing problems you’re having with the sewer line. Camera studies can identify the source of clogs, show if tree roots are getting into the line and where, and much more. This can be extremely helpful in having your plumbing problems rectified.
  • Current condition: Camera studies also show you what kind of condition your main line is in and if there are structural problems, cracks, deterioration or buildups. Knowing the current conditions of your main line can help you make better decisions about your plumbing maintenance moving forward and mitigate problems.
  • Estimate lifespan: Sewer main lines can’t last forever, as damage is bound to happen with continual stress. Camera studies can gauge the estimated lifespan of your main line, giving you an idea of when replacement might be necessary.
  • Maintenance requirements: Camera studies make homeowners aware of the existing problems and the problems that are likely to arise in the future. This knowledge can help you determine how often and what kind of maintenance you need to have done on the line.
  • What it’s made out of: The material that your sewer main line is made out of might be different depending on when your home was constructed, and can play a role in how problems are addressed within the line.
  • Length: Length can play a role in the kinds of problems you might face within your sewer line, so knowing exactly how long your line is can help you address or mitigate those problems in the future. The more you know about your main line, the better.

If you feel that you could benefit from a sewer line inspection in Colorado Springs, CO, contact Affordable Rooter. Our experts offer a full range of plumbing, sewer, excavation and drain cleaning services. We would be happy to price match our competitors to give you the best possible service rate! Additionally, if you have us conduct a camera study on the same day that we do maintenance on your main line, we’ll give you a $50 discount! This offer is only available until the end of January 2018, so give us a call today to book your appointment!

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