Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

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You have a plumbing issue. You know you need professional repairs. Who should you trust to do the work? It can be difficult to know which plumbers are best qualified for the job. To help you determine whom to trust, ask the following questions when you contact a plumber.

Are you licensed?

Don’t assume a plumber is licensed. They can operate a business without one; however, they are not governed by state or local bodies. Their work may not pass inspection. Always ask plumber if they are licensed. You can ask to see their documentation or to be provided with their license number to verify their credentials.

What is the total cost?

Getting an estimate up front is a good idea, but don’t stop there. Ask what additional costs might be involved with the final project. Verify what is included with the estimate. Determine if extra materials, labor or other issues may add to the cost. You don’t want to budget for an estimate that seems reasonable only to discover you owe twice the amount when you’re handed the final bill.

Who will be completing the work?

It’s common to speak with one person to arrange an estimate or schedule an appointment and receive the service from another employee. You simply want to ensure the one who will be doing the work is qualified. Ask who will be completing the job and what experience, training and licensing they have. If they can’t tell you, you should keep looking for another plumber.

Do you clean up once the project is complete?

Don’t assume the plumber will include cleanup with the job. Some companies leave homeowners with old parts and the packing materials from new parts. You may have a mess on your hands when they leave. Ask if the quote they provided includes cleanup. If they charge a little extra to include cleanup, it’s probably worth the cost. You don’t want to be stuck cleaning up the mess.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Don’t agree to hire any plumbers without first discovering what guarantee or warranty they include with their work. Get all the details about this offer. Some may include certain fixtures or parts but not others. Some offer six-month warranties, while others may offer longer time periods. Be sure you understand what is covered and how you would go about taking advantage of the warranty if something breaks. Don’t forget to get everything in writing.

Where Should I Start?

At Affordable Rooter, we know it can be challenging to find a trusted contractor. That’s why we offer fully licensed, bonded and insured professionals who bring extensive experience to every job. We are committed to excellence in service to ensure we get the job done right the first time. If you are looking for trusted plumbers, start your search with our team. Contact us today for an expert consultation on any plumbing issue.

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