How to Avoid Clogs in Your Drains

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When it comes to plumbing problems, few things are worse than a clogged drain. Clogs prevent you from using fixtures and appliances like showers, sinks and toilets—they’re a major inconvenience. Fixing these clogs typically requires the help of a plumber. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid bringing in a pro to solve your plumbing issues.

Get Drain Jetting Services

Call a professional

The easiest way to avoid a clog is to call a plumber for drain cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO on a regular basis. A professional plumber can flush out all your pipes to clear any small debris that could eventually turn into a full-blown clog. At Affordable Rooter, we use powerful hydro jets to blast away any buildup. Signs that you need drain cleaning include slow draining, bubbling and gurgling noises.

If you find that you do have a clog, it’s best to call a plumber rather than trying to fix it yourself. Drain cleaners you find at the hardware store work okay, for the most part. But those corrosive chemicals can ultimately do more harm than good. Some drain cleaners have actually been known to create holes in pipes. Needless to say, that’s worse than a clog!

DIY drain cleaning

We now know that powerful chemical drain cleaners are no good, but there are a few old wives’ tricks that can help clear out your drain and garbage disposal. The easiest thing you can do is just pour some boiling water down your drain every once in a while. Boiling water will blast through buildup and leave you with a sparkling drain! If that doesn’t do the trick, pour vinegar and baking soda down your kitchen sink every once in a while. Most people don’t like the smell of vinegar, so, to get rid of that odor, toss a small piece of a lemon peel down the drain and run the garbage disposal. Your whole kitchen will be citrus-y fresh!

Never pour grease down your drain

The easiest way to get rid of any leftover grease from cooking is to pour it in the sink. Unfortunately, that’s also the easiest way to clog your drain! Grease eventually hardens and creates a major blockage. Instead of dumping it in the sink, save an old coffee can or glass jar to store used cooing grease until you toss it out.

Buy a drain screen

Try as you might, sometimes you accidentally throw something down the sink that could cause a clog. Luckily, a simple drain screen will trap all of that junk before it gets down into your pipes. The best part? Drain screens are only a few dollars at the hardware store! While they’re handy over every drain, they’re most helpful for your kitchen sink and shower. They’ll block any food particles in your kitchen sink and can even stop loose hairs from clogging up your shower.

Don’t wait around until it’s too late to save your drains. Give Affordable Rooter a call today to schedule drain cleaning in Colorado Springs, CO. We’ll arrive as soon as possible to clear your drains to ensure you don’t have to worry about a clog for the foreseeable future.

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