What Does Rusty Water Mean?

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If you have detected what you suspect might be rust in your home’s water supply, there could be a few different sources causing the problem. Your local plumber in Colorado Springs, CO is here to help you run a few DIY tests on your own so that you have an idea of what kind of issue you might be dealing with.

Determining the source

If there is indeed rust in your water, it has either originated from somewhere in your home, or from the municipal water lines that run underneath the streets in your neighborhood. To help determine which of these is the source of your particular issue, test the tap where you first noticed the problem. Fill a glass with cold water only, and check the sample for rusted coloring or strange odors. After you have examined this sample, let the cold water run from the tap for a few seconds, and then collect and inspect a second sample. Run this same test for the hot water from the same tap as well.

If signs of rust only appear in the first sample but go away after you have let the water run for a little while and don’t show up in the second sample, it is a strong indication that the issue lies somewhere in your home. However, if the water appears to be the same from both sides of the tap in both of the samples you collected, it is likely that the issue is originating from the city’s water supply.

Exploring solutions once you’ve determined the source

If only the hot water shows signs of rust, the culprit is probably your hot water heater. If you have had your hot water tank for many years, it is likely that the age of your unit has finally caught up to it. Having it replaced with a brand new tank will probably be the best course of action, as it is only a matter of time before your whole tank fails. If the rust is only in the water coming from the cold tap, the problem could be isolated to a specific rusted or corroded pipe in your system, and it will need to be replaced to correct your water issues.

If you find that the pipes underneath the street are causing rust to appear in your water, make sure to contact your local water department right away to see how the issue will be handled. However, if the source is in your own pipes or hot water heater, you will need to contact a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO.

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