What You Don’t See When Buying a New Home

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You’ve found your dream home. You’ve made an offer, and the sellers have accepted. Now what? Most purchase contracts include an option for the buyer to complete a professional inspection of the property. It’s crucial that you take full advantage of this option. This includes a thorough inspection by a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO.

Many buyers skip this portion and fail to discover serious plumbing issues on the property. This creates a new twist on the old saying, “What you see is what you get.” In this case, “What you don’t see, you get anyway!” You may be stuck with terrible plumbing issues you never saw coming, due to a lack of sewer inspection. Take the following steps to avoid these situations.

Contact a Plumber in Colorado Springs, CO

To complete an inspection of your property’s sewer line, simply call a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO. Ask if they can insert a camera into the sewer to obtain a clear view of the condition of the line.

Complete the Inspection

The plumber will use their camera to reveal any issues with your sewer line. They can tell you if the line is clogged, as well as the overall condition of the sewer. They will run water while the camera is in the pipe to determine how well it drains. If the water level rises, the plumber can detect a low spot or other issues.

Additionally, they can determine what kind of material the line is made of and inform you whether or not this construction is considered up to code by modern standards. Some materials, such as Orangeburg pipes, are known for their brittle nature and imminent failure. If the property has poor piping, you’ll want to know this before you buy it.

Make Informed Decisions

Once your plumber in Colorado Springs, CO has informed you of any issues with the plumbing and sewer line, you can take the appropriate steps with your purchase. If clogs are present, you can request that the seller take care of these issues before you finalize your purchase. If subpar materials are present, you can re-negotiate your purchase price with the future cost of pipe replacement in mind.

In the end, the small investment you make for a sewer line inspection can prove minor compared to what you may save in the long run on plumbing repairs. A quick inspection by a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO could prevent you from investing in a money pit, saving you time, money and a host of headaches.

See What You Get

For a thorough, professional sewer line inspection of your property, contact the experts at Affordable Rooter Plumbing, Sewer, and Drain. As your local go-to plumber in Colorado Springs, CO, we believe in providing high quality service at an honest and affordable rate. We take great pride in our commitment to our customers, striving to adhere to a stellar standard for every project. Contact us today to take advantage of our in-depth sewer inspections for your purchase.

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