What Are the Signs of A Broken Sewer Pipe?

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As a full-service plumber in Colorado Springs, CO, we know that some of our clients can sometimes miss the signs that they have a broken sewer pipe at first. Broken sewer pipes can cause mold, damage and a lot of inconvenience, so of course it’s best to catch a problem as quickly as possible—but what are the signs that your sewer pipe is broken?

Read on to learn about the different clues that you may have a broken sewer pipe, and are in need of a plumbing replacement in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Strange odors: It’s common sense that if something smells off when you run the water in your sink or shower, then something is probably amiss. That odor could be sewer gas, which is a clear sign of a broken sewer pipe. If something smells off, it’s time to call a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO!
  • Slow draining: Notice that your kitchen sink is draining a lot more slowly than it used to? This problem could have multiple causes, but one of them may be a broken sewer pipe. If trying to de-clog the drain doesn’t work, it may be time to have a professional take a look at your plumbing system.
  • Multiple clogs: If your home only has one clog or backup, then chances are there is an isolated problem with that device or its surrounding pipes. But if you are experiencing multiple clogs or backups at the same time, then the culprit is unfortunately more likely to be a broken sewer pipe.
  • Lush or soggy yard spot: Typically, having a lush, green yard would be a good thing. But if just one patch of your yard is uncharacteristically lush, green or even soggy, that could mean trouble, in the form of a broken sewer pipe. Keep an eye on your yard year-round for any irregularities like this.
  • Infestations: If you are suddenly dealing with rodents or an abundance of insects in your home, and this was never a problem before, the issue might not be an unsecured home or too many errant food scraps. These creatures can wriggle their way in through broken sewer lines. Rodents and insects can bring a range of health problems to your family, so it’s best to act quickly to fix this issue.
  • Mildew or mold: Have you noticed mold or mildew spots in your home’s ceilings, walls and floors that weren’t there before? This could be a sign of a broken sewer line. Obviously, mold and mildew bring their own issues, including health risks and permanent home damage, so call a plumber if you notice these spots.

If you suspect you may have a broken sewer pipe and are in need of a plumbing replacement in Colorado Springs, CO, then you should act quickly in calling your plumber. Now that you know the signs, it’s time to find a qualified and experienced plumber—and Affordable Rooter Plumbing, Sewer, and Drain is here to help. Get in touch the next time you have a problem with your sewer line, or any other plumbing issues.

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