What’s the Procedure for a Water Main Break?

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Water is literally one of the most important things in your life. Without water, you couldn’t live—or clean your clothing and dishes, cook food for your family, keep your body clean and healthy and so on. So when there’s a potential problem with your main water line, you are probably going to want to notice the issue quickly, and want to find a fast and effective solution.

As an emergency plumber in Colorado Springs, CO, we know how disruptive it can be when you experience a water main break. Fortunately, we can use our experience to help educate you as to how to identify the problem, what to do next and how to stay safe.

Identifying the problem

You might think that noticing a water main break would be easy, as there simply would not be water running to your home or business. However, that is not always the case; often, a crack to a pipe will result in some water loss, but some water will still come out of the faucet.

Here are some ways you can notice a water main break in your area: a hissing sound that reflects air in the pipes; rust or debris in your water; water running above the surface of your outdoor property; low water pressure; a discoloration in your water supply; a loud rumbling sound when you run your water; and water in your basement when there are no visible leaks.

If one or more of these signs present themselves, there is a strong chance you could have a water main break on your hands.

What to do next

If you suspect that your water main line is damaged, there is only one safe and sensible solution: calling a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, CO. Only a certified and experienced plumber can identify the problem, fix it and ensure that further damage does not occur in the process.

As an emergency plumber in Colorado Springs, CO, Affordable Rooter Plumbing, Sewer, and Drain has ample experience in this area, and is happy to help.

Stay safe

While you are waiting for a plumber to assess the problem, and later while you are waiting for it to be fixed, one rule is very important: do not drink your water! In fact, it’s best to avoid running the water altogether, if possible.

After the water main is fixed, you need to run every tap in your home for about five minutes to dispose of any debris or rust that may have entered your pipes during the break. Do not flush your toilets until all other water sources are running clear of any debris.

Having a broken water main line is an inconvenient and frustrating problem. But by acting quickly, trusting a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, CO and following the safety procedures once the problem is fixed, you and your home can emerge from the trial unscathed.

We hope you’ll never have to deal with a broken water main line—but if you ever do, we are here to help.

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