How to Keep Your Gutters Clear When the Seasons Change

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Autumn is upon us. With the seasonal changes come falling leaves and, before we know it, falling snow. All this weather activity can quickly clog gutters and cause problems with your drainage. How can you protect your property from water damage? Your plumber in Colorado Springs, CO has answers.

As the seasons change, use the following tips to keep your gutters clear. These simple steps will keep things flowing properly and prevent repairs and hassle down the line.

Gather Your Supplies

To clean your gutters, you’ll need a few basic supplies. A sturdy ladder is a must. For two-story buildings, you’ll need an extension ladder. You’ll also need a tarp, buckets with S-hooks, safety glasses, work gloves, a trowel or scoop, a garden hose and a screwdriver (if you need to remove a downspout).

Stay Safe

As you clean your gutters, be sure to plant the ladder firmly on level ground. When climbing, don’t carry sharp objects in your pockets. Use a bucket or plastic bag. Wear appropriate shoes that offer sure footing, as well as safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Get Started

Place the tarp under the section of gutter you will be cleaning first. Carefully position your ladder near the downspout. Hang your empty bucket on the top of the ladder. Using your trowel, scoop out any debris from the gutters and dump it into the bucket or onto the tarp below. Once all the large debris has been cleared, bring up the hose and flush out the gutter.

If it does not drain properly, check the downspout strainer for clogs and clean it if needed. If your spout has an interior clog, try using pressurized water from the hose to clear it, or a plumber’s snake tool. Contact a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO if you are unable to clear the drain, as a clogged downspout could lead to property damage when rain and snow arrive.

Make Repairs

In addition to cleaning out the gutters, perform an inspection of your drainage system. Are any pieces showing signs of wear and tear? Look for loose gutters, downspouts that are pulling away from the building and cracked or rusted portions. Repair these damages to ensure your gutters can function properly.

Trim Trees

To help keep your gutters clear, trim away overhanging branches. This will prevent leaves from falling directly into your gutter, and it can also help protect your roof and gutters from damage. Branches that are in close proximity to your property can easily harm your roof and gutters in high winds or storms. Trim your trees to keep branches a safe distance from your perimeter.

Get More Tips

Would you like additional tips on preparing your gutters for the change of seasons? If you need more information or require assistance with drainage issues, contact your local experts at Affordable Rooter. We’ve been the go-to plumber in Colorado Springs, CO since 2000. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and would consider it a privilege to partner with you to protect your property this season. Reach out to us today!

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