2019 New Year’s Resolution: Have Your Sewer Line Cleaned

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The dawn of the new year is a great time to make a commitment to improving your home and ensure that your abode is properly cared for. While it may be tempting to dedicate all of your time and effort toward redecorating your living room or refurbishing your kitchen, it’s just as important to pay close attention to the needs of your home’s infrastructure.

Septic systems, electrical wiring and other parts of the home necessitate constant care and attention. While it may be less attractive to invest in the care and upkeep of these often-invisible components of your home, failure to do so could eventually result in large repair expenses and a reduced overall home valuation.

While it’s a good idea to work with a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, CO to clean out your sewer line with some regularity, there are a number of indicators that you should be aware of that tell you that you can’t wait until your next scheduled cleaning appointment.

Here are just some of the signs that you need to call for the assistance of a professional plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, CO as soon as possible:

  • Backed-up drains: If there are multiple drains in your home that are either slow to drain, bubbling or filling with fluid, it’s likely a sign that your sewer main is backed up and in need of cleaning. Bad odors emanating from your drains could also indicate a need for cleaning in the mainline.
  • Drainage in the sewer cleanout: The sewer cleanout is an access pipe outside that allows plumbing contractors in Colorado Springs, CO to access your home’s sewage system. If there’s drainage visible when the cleanout is opened, you’re in need of immediate service.
  • Sewage coming up through floor drains: When a pipe is clogged, all of the sewage will eventually build up inside the mainline and start to come back up the auxiliary pipes. If there is an indication of sewage coming through the floor drains in your home, it’s likely a sign that you’re in desperate need of the assistance of a plumbing contractor in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Backed-up water accompanying fixture use: If, for example, water comes out of your bathtub drain whenever you flush the toilet, you likely have a sewer blockage. A clog down the line will force water back up your piping system whenever you attempt to flush massive amounts of water down the drain.

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