The How, When and Why of Hydro Jetting Sewer Lines

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Unless you work in the plumbing industry or have had the process performed at your home before, you probably have no idea what hydro jetting is—and that’s okay! Hydro jetting and other forms of advanced plumbing techniques aren’t exactly topics that get brought up a lot at the dinner table or during small talk.

However, we think every homeowner should know a bit about hydro jetting just for their own peace of mind. Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about hydro jetting in Colorado Springs, CO.

How is hydro jetting performed?

Hydro jetting involves using high-pressure water to blast away any blockages found in sewer lines. The hydro jet itself is a thin, flexible water line with a nozzle at the end that has tiny jets that dispense water at 4,000 psi. This powerful blast gets rid of anything from built-up sludge to tree roots that are blocking your sewer line.

A plumbing professional will first use a fiberoptic camera to determine both the location and the source of the blockage. Once he gets that sorted out, he’ll fit the hydro jet with the proper head to obliterate the debris.

When should you call for hydro jetting?

As with most pipe problems, the answer of when to call a plumber for help is always “sooner, rather than later.” You should pick up the phone and call a plumber the second you notice bad smells coming from your toilets, sinks or tubs. These odors could be caused by a clog somewhere in your main sewer line. Another sign is if you’re experiencing frequent backups. Though sewer line clogs aren’t the only possible culprit behind a backed-up toilet, they could be the root of the problem.

Why should you schedule hydro jetting services?

Hydro jetting is far from the only plumbing method used to clear blockages. However, it is one of the best! Here are a few of the reasons why plumbers opt for hydro jetting over other methods:

  • Damage-free solution: The rotating blades and mechanical scopes that are traditionally used to clear blockages will get the job done, but in doing so, they can also take a toll on your metal pipes. That’s not an issue with hydro jetting, because even though the water blasts through the debris, it doesn’t harm the pipe.
  • Cleaning as well as unclogging: While a rotating snake will free sludge from your pipe and restore normal water flow, it won’t do much more than that. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, clears out the whole pipe to ensure blockages don’t form again anytime soon.
  • More economical: Since hydro jetting cleans your pipes all the way out instead of just unclogging them, you won’t need to call a plumber very often to come unclog your pipes. Though hydro jetting costs a bit more than traditional methods, you’ll end up saving money over time.

The only thing we haven’t covered is which plumbers to choose when you need to clear your sewer line. The answer is simple: Affordable Rooter! We have years of experience in all aspects of plumbing work and are trusted industry leaders when it comes to hydro jetting in Colorado Springs, CO. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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