When Should You Replace Your Sewer Line?

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Though we rarely think about it, our homes all function properly thanks to sewer lines. Your home’s sewer line is how all wastewater generated by your plumbing leaves the premises. An issue with your sewer line affects how every sink, tub and toilet in your home functions. If you see any of the following red flags, you’ll want to schedule a sewer line inspection in Colorado Springs, CO with expert plumbers you can trust.

Slow or Incorrect Draining

Have you tried traditional methods to improve draining on various plumbing fixtures in your home, but to no avail? This is an indication that the sewer line is experiencing issues, and not the sink, shower or other fixture that is draining slowly.

Also, if water from one fixture is backing up into another fixture, this could be another sign your sewer line is in need of inspection and repair. For example, if your toilet is back-flowing into your shower, you’ll want to contact a plumber as soon as possible.

Mold Growth

If mold has started growing in unexpected places, such as ceilings and walls, something is definitely amiss with your sewer line.

Unusual Noises

While you have the water running in a sink or tub, any uncommon or out-of-place sounds are a telltale sign that your sewer line is experiencing issues. Don’t ignore these sounds. Instead schedule a sewer line inspection with Colorado Springs, CO plumbing professionals.

Pooling Water

This can be water pooling in your basement drains or in stinky puddles in your yard. Pools of water collecting in places inside and outside of your home indicate that your sewer line is not functioning correctly.

Older Homes

Houses that are more than 50 years old are usually in need of a sewer line inspection, at the very least. An outdated sewage system in your house could cause long-term issues that you spend thousands of dollars attempting to fix. Replacing the sewer line will likely address the crux of the problem.

Large Trees

If your property has large trees on it, their root systems could be interfering with your sewer line. Even a big tree in a neighboring yard could cause trouble for your sewer line.

Higher Water Bill

An unexpected rise in your water bill indicates that excess water is being used. It’s one thing if someone new has moved into your house, but if nothing of that nature has changed, your water bill should stay fairly consistent. A sudden increase is a warning sign you should not ignore.

Ongoing Pest Problems

Despite the time and money you’ve spent trying to eradicate rodents or insects from your home, the little invaders refuse to leave. If you’ve invested in professional pest control solutions that have yielded no results, the problem might be attributed to your sewer line.

Think it’s time to schedule a sewer line inspection in Colorado Springs, CO? Call Affordable Rooter now to schedule an appointment and learn more about your options. Our team of qualified service representatives and plumbers put customer service first and are here to help you alleviate the issues you’re experiencing.

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