Important Reasons to Maintain Your Sewer Line and Keep It Clean

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When you’re a homeowner, you quickly learn how much maintenance owning property really entails. If you haven’t had to deal with any sewer issues yet, count yourself lucky—they’re a hidden part of your home that can cause massive damage and require expensive repairs.

Get Sewer Line Repair

Don’t despair, though—maintaining your sewer line is the best way to prevent any issues, and the team at Affordable Rooter can help. Read on to find out why sewer maintenance is so important, and if you need help repairing your sewer lines in Colorado Springs, CO, call us right away.

Causes of sewer line issues

Tree roots are a major source of issues for homeowners. Roots can wrap around sewer lines and damage them—in some cases, even breaking them—which can cause raw sewage to escape and spill out into your yard.

Sagging pipes are another major issue. If the soil around your pipes is unstable or too loose, it can cause the pipes to sag. The sewage starts collecting in the belly of the pipe, eventually causing a blockage or breakage.

Do you pour grease down your kitchen sink? If so, stop that practice immediately! While the grease is liquid when you pour it, it can cool or freeze and cause blockages in your sewer line. It might not be as gross as raw sewage, but the cumulative effect can be costly.

Signs your sewer line needs to be cleaned

Prevention is the best way to address sewer line issues, but you should be ready to call a plumber at the first sign of a clogged sewer line. One telltale sign is having several clogged fixtures at once. One clogged area, like a bathtub or the kitchen sink, could just be an individual issue. When you have multiple water fixtures that drain slowly (or not at all), however, it’s time to call a professional.

You might also notice weird things happening in your tub, sinks or shower. Have you flushed the toilet and watched water back up into your shower? Has the washing machine caused your toilet to overflow? There might be a sewer line blockage. Seeing bubbles when you turn on the water can indicate that there’s air trapped in your plumbing, too.

Finally, there’s something called the “main line clean out” that every homeowner should know about. If your plumbing features one, you can unscrew its cap and look for water bubbling up or sewage blockages.

The best way to prevent costly repairs is to keep your sewer line clean, so call Affordable Rooter when you need help.

Repairing sewer lines in Colorado Springs, CO

Sewer line issues are rarely easy to resolve, and often require rapid solutions to head off bigger problems. If your property is suffering from a sewer line issue, call us. Affordable Rooter can provide quick, lasting sewer line repair in Colorado Springs, CO. Because we’re also excavation specialists in addition to plumbers, we’re trained to act fast when it comes to assessing and resolving sewer line troubles.

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