Top Five Tips for Avoiding Costly Winter Plumbing Leaks

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No one wants to have to deal with a serious plumbing problem in the middle of winter, but it happens. A lot. Of all the seasons, winter is considered by many to be the most inconvenient time for any type of plumbing problem to arise. The cold weather puts a great deal of stress on pipes and the water fixtures they connect to. From frozen pipes to pipe bursts and water heater trouble, there are ways to ensure your home and property are ready to take on the freezing elements so you can enjoy the winter without worry.

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Preventative plumbing maintenance is the key to smooth flowing pipes all year long. It also keeps money in your wallet. Below, our experts share their top tips for avoiding costly winter plumbing leaks in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Winterize outdoor fixtures: When preparing your home’s plumbing for winter, don’t forget to check outside. Walk around your property looking for outdoor water fixtures that connect to the plumbing system. Drain every outdoor faucet, and remove and fully drain garden hoses. Any residual water in hoses and connecting pipes will expand as it freezes, which increases the possibility of leaks. Once the faucets have drained, either shut off the valve for the outdoor plumbing or place foam covers over faucets and hose bibs.
  • Fix leaks: Inspect your home—especially the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room—for leaky faucets, pools of water under sink cabinets and other areas for drips. Fix (or hire someone to fix) these issues right away, because in freezing winter temperatures, leaks can create damaging icicles that may exacerbate pipe freeze.
  • Insulate pipes: Burst pipes are a common problem for many homeowners in winter. Prevent this by insulating any exposed plumbing pipes inside and outside the house. Hit up your local hardware or home improvement store for foam pipe insulation. Use long foam tubes with slits on the sides to make application easier. Duct tape keeps the foam in place.
  • Flush the water heater: It doesn’t occur to every homeowner that they should flush their water heater before winter. Water heater draining is a process that removes built-up sediment (particles that contribute to hard water) which, over time, can clog pipes and cause leaks. Additionally, water heater tanks filled with too much sediment are more likely to rust on the inside, affecting your drinking and bathing water.
  • Get a plumbing inspection: While a pre-season professional plumbing inspection is not a must, it does provide a chance for you to be absolutely certain your home is leak-free before winter sets in. The best plumbers are thorough. They will ensure that you and your family enjoy a comfortable, problem-free plumbing system through the winter months and into the new year.

Now that you have reviewed expert tips for avoiding costly winter plumbing leaks in your Colorado Springs, CO home, the next step is to confirm that everything is good to go or make repairs. Call the team at Affordable Rooter today to schedule plumbing service or an inspection!

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