The Signs and Symptoms of Failing Pipes

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Dealing with plumbing problems can be a very annoying issue as a homeowner. At the very best it’s an inconvenience, and at worst it could result in damage to your home and some very expensive repair bills. Therefore, if you’re able to notice some of the most common signs of bad pipes in Colorado Springs, CO, you’ll be better able to prevent those issues from becoming significant.

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With this in mind, here are just a few examples of some of these common signs and symptoms:

  • Low water pressure: This is one of the most common early warning signs of failing pipes, especially if you have an older home. The difficult thing with low water pressure is that it could be the result of any number of issues, which can make it difficult to pinpoint the root cause. Usually it means there’s either a leak in your system, a clog in your pipes or a lack of properly-sized pipes to deliver the desired water pressure. Low water pressure is often accompanied by other issues on this list when you have failing pipes.
  • Strange sounds in the faucet: Have you noticed any types of strange noises when turning on your faucet? You might hear a squealing or screeching coming from the faucet. Usually this means there’s air in the pipes, which could also cause sporadic “spitting” or bursts of air coming through and interrupting the flow of water. This is a sign that there’s something wrong with your pipes, likely with your bleed-off system.
  • Slow draining: Slow drains happen every now and then, and are usually indicative of a blockage somewhere in the pipes. The first steps you should take should be either using a plunger or drain snake to try to clear the blockage. You can also use a drain cleaning solution, but keep in mind that these can be quite damaging to the environment.
  • Damage or stains on the walls: If you notice stains or discoloration on your ceiling, that could be a sign there is a plumbing leak somewhere above it. Damage to the walls in the form of staining or warping could also be a sign that you have a nearby leaking pipe, and that water is accumulating behind the wall. When you notice these signs, it is crucial that you take immediate action before the damage worsens and spreads, and before mold sets in.
  • Strange smells: Have you noticed strange, unpleasant smells emanating from your drains? There are several reasons why this could occur. If it’s in the kitchen, it might just be that you have a buildup of food scraps. If you smell sulfur (rotten eggs), you might have a blocked drain vent, which is letting sewer gas into your pipes and home. If the smell is coming from all of your drains, this could be a sign that you have a damaged sewer line.

These are just a few examples of common signs and symptoms of failing and broken pipes in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact Affordable Rooter with any questions or concerns.

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