Warning Signs of a Sewer Main Backup

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Every homeowner under the sun understands the value of their home’s pipes. These interconnected tubes serve an essential function in any modern home—that is, they take our waste and our leftover water and eliminate them quickly and efficiently. You could almost argue that it would be hard to have a modern society without the convenience and hygiene that modern plumbing systems in Colorado Springs, CO provide.

Get Sewer Line Repair

But where does all that water go? All those pipes running behind the walls of your house slowly come together. Ten pipes merge into four pipes, which, in turn, merge into one massive pipe. This section, called the main line, travels from your home out to the street and connects to the public sanitation network.

As you might imagine, handling issues with your main line plumbing in Colorado Springs, CO can be an extensive process. So, how do you tell if your plumbing issues are a result of main line problems? Keep reading.

Backed-up drains

On a long enough timeline, even a well-maintained home is going to experience a clog or two. When that happens in one drain, it’s worth trying to clear the clog, perhaps with a commercial drain cleaner, and then move on with your day. If the clog continues to occur in the same drain, you should call in a pro to explore the depths of your problem drain.

When your house experiences several clogs at once, however, it’s a sign that a more significant problem is brewing.

Clogged floor drains

The main sewer line of your home is always underground. That means, when an issue requiring main line plumbing in Colorado Springs, CO pops up, the most likely drains to back up are those that are located on the first floor of your home. If you notice that floor drains on the first floor or the basement level of your home begin to demonstrate problems, it could be a sign that your main line is clogged.

Strange behavior

When the main sewer line of your home is having trouble functioning, the signs won’t always come bubbling up through the floor grates. Sometimes, a main line issue will manifest itself in indirect ways. Strange behavior in your plumbing is a good indication. If you turn on the sink and the grate in your shower overflows, if you flush the toilet and your pipes groan audibly, if you turn on the shower and your toilet begins to rumble… these are all signs that you have larger problems.

Your plumbing expert

If you need main line plumbing help in Colorado Springs, CO, come to the pros with more than two decades of experience. That’s Affordable Rooter. Our highly-skilled team of professionals is committed to your satisfaction. We offer a huge selection of plumbing services, including leak repair, emergency service, camera inspections, fixture replacement, garbage disposal repair, re-piping and so much more.

When you need an accurate assessment of your plumbing or you need a fix that will stand the test of time, make it Affordable Rooter. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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