Common Springtime Plumbing Issues

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When springtime rolls around, it’s time to take a step back and assess your home or business. The warmer weather is an exciting opportunity to reevaluate where things stand, and your plumbing system should be part of your focus. The spring means that snow is melting, and water is likely flowing much more, which can complicate your plumbing situation. Spring plumbing maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO means taking in your entire situation, often with the help of professional plumbers, and figuring out any issues your system might be facing. There are some typical plumbing issues we usually see emerge in the springtime, and we’ve put together a list of them below.

Clogged drains

Your outside drains are usually a good place to start when assessing your springtime plumbing situation. Debris that fell during autumn might not have been cleared away—make sure you clear this out in the fall and save yourself a headache down the road—and the compression of ice and snow can make the problem even worse. These types of blockages can really cause some issues because they can divert water just about everywhere, necessitating spring plumbing repairs in Colorado Springs, CO that you might not have been planning for. Make sure you take care of drains ahead of time, but also take a look at them when spring returns.

Poor drainage

While on the topic of clogged drains, poor overall drainage can lead to headaches for your system as well. Winter can cause extra strain on your drain lines and might even require professional assistance to resolve, because many times these challenges are beyond the grasp of a typical DIY-er. Poor drainage can originate in the home itself, or it can be visible as poor draining near outside taps, for example. Spring plumbing maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO involves an assessment of your entire system’s drainage to make sure all pipes have integrity and all water is being directed safely away from the house.

Leaking pipes

When winter months bring colder temperatures, they’re also increasing the strain on your pipes. When water freezes, it expands, and water that’s stuck in pipes can expand enough to crack the pipe, which creates issues when it thaws. The cracks can now allow water to seep out, damaging your building or property. You’ll likely want to call a professional at this point to fully assess and repair this type of damage. In some cases, a leaky pipe can be replaced in sections as needed, so it might not be as expensive a repair as you fear.

Working with plumbing systems in the springtime can be a challenge. You want to keep on top of everything having to do with your plumbing system on a year-round basis, but springtime especially can bring problems with the increased water flow. It’s best to work with trusted professionals to help you assess your system’s health and challenges, as they can help you make a comprehensive plan to address any issues with your plumbing. If you’re reading to schedule spring plumbing maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO, reach out to Affordable Rooter today.

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