The Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection

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A home’s sewer and water system is one of its most important assets. It keeps everything running smoothly, and any problem with this system can disrupt your family’s entire way of life. One way to assess its condition that’s become increasingly popular in recent years is sewer camera inspection in Colorado Springs, CO. Inspecting your sewer lines with a camera is a great way to identify potential problems and provide you with a comprehensive overall assessment that will go a long way toward planning your maintenance schedule.

Get a Sewer Camera Inspection

The team at Affordable Rooter is well qualified to perform this inspection and then go over any results with you to identify a productive path forward. Read on for an overview of the process.

How does it work?

A sewer camera inspection in Colorado Springs, CO is pretty straightforward. First, our professional technicians will snake a fiber optic camera attached to a thin cable down your plumbing lines. This camera is about the size of the one that’s in your smartphone, so you can see how it would be easily able to navigate the confined spaces of a plumbing system. Then, as we thread the camera through your entire system, we take note of any problems or potential plumbing challenges it picks up along the way.

Easily finding problems

A plumbing camera inspection in Colorado Springs, CO can help reveal a lot of potential issues with your system, both large and small. In general, the camera inspections can help us track down visible damage like cracks or corrosion, or even the beginnings of blockages that cause real problems if they’re not caught early on. When we use this technique, it really goes a long way toward helping us figure out what the right solution should be. It’s a powerful assessment tool that lets us start figuring out what types of tools we should be using to make certain repairs. This saves us time, and it saves our customers money, since we can have an even better idea of the problems in question and perform more targeted, efficient repairs.


All this being said, sewer camera inspection in Colorado Springs, CO can really improve our levels of service, but it’s not a magic bullet, as much as we’d like for it to be! If your home or business has older cast iron piping, images can sometimes be hard to make out, so we might need to use other diagnostic methods. Other than that, though, sewer camera imaging is a powerful asset with just about every other type of plumbing system out there.

At Affordable Rooter, sewer camera inspections give us a powerful tool in our quest to provide you with the highest level of service possible. As a diagnostic tool, it’s one of the most interesting capabilities to ever enter our industry, since it can really save us (and you) time and money by providing a crystal-clear picture of the situation we’re facing. This gives our techs the information they need to help your plumbing system get back to full functionality as soon as possible and keep everything flowing smoothly. Get in touch with us to schedule your inspection!

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