Five Common Summer Plumbing Issues

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Summer is here, and with the warm weather comes an increased possibility of plumbing problems. As you start using your indoor and outdoor plumbing on a regular or increased basis, you might start to notice signs of problems lurking in your pipes and around your tubs and sinks.

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After a long winter, pipes start to thaw and plumbing issues become more evident. If you see signs of these common issues, call Affordable Rooter for summer plumbing maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Sewer line backups: Sewer lines can be affected by heavy spring rains and tree root growth, which often choke out the sewer lines and cause unpleasant surprises. Have a plumber conduct annual maintenance on your sewer line, checking for cracks, potential root problems and anything else that would affect your sewage flow.
  • Sprinkler system leaks: Now that the winter is over, our lawns need more watering. If you’ve noticed a spike in your water usage that doesn’t seem to correlate to anything else, you might be dealing with an underground sprinkler leak. Cracked pipes, wayward plant roots and damaged sprinkler heads can divert a lot of water from where you want it to go. Check your sprinkler heads for any dirt, debris or damage, replace broken sprinkler heads and monitor your yard carefully for other signs of problems.
  • Increased washing machine usage: Washing machines get more of a workout in the summer (swimsuits, towels and sweaty clothes all place an increased load on your machine). Make sure to inspect the hoses and plumbing connections every month or so, and if you notice signs of a leak, have a plumber help you solve the problem. Be sure you don’t overload your machine, and give it a good cleaning at least once per month.
  • Clogged garbage disposals: With increased cooking—especially outdoor cooking—garbage disposals commonly see more action than in the cooler months. Be careful about how much food you put down the garbage disposal. It’s always best to scrape plates into the garbage can as best you can, so the disposal doesn’t have to work overtime. Never put oil or grease down your drain—they can cause terrible clogs.
  • Clogged toilets: Having the kids home all day every day means that your toilets may struggle with the increased workload, and the same will be true when you start having guests over more frequently. If your kids are having trouble with using the right amount of toilet paper, give them a set amount (for example, two sheets) that they can use. Make sure that everyone knows not to flush disposable wipes and paper towels down the toilet, as they lead to nasty clogs. Finally, consider getting a flange plunger, as they create more suction than cup plungers.

No one wants their summer fun to be interrupted by a plumbing emergency. When you notice signs of common summer plumbing issues, get in touch with Affordable Rooter for plumbing repairs in Colorado Springs, CO—we’re on call to help you keep your plumbing in top shape. Call us today to learn more or schedule service.

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