Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Repair

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Summer is in full swing, which means your lawn needs plenty of water to get through the hot, sunny days. However, if your sprinkler system is malfunctioning, you could be risking the life of your plants—and your home’s curb appeal—unless you identify the problem and have it repaired as soon as possible.

How do you know that your sprinkler system needs repair in Colorado Springs, CO? Read on to learn the signs of a malfunctioning sprinkler or irrigation system, then call the team at Affordable Rooter to fix the problem:

  • Inconsistent water pressure: One of the easiest signs to spot is when your sprinklers are less than effective, thanks to low water pressure. Instead of spraying across the yard, the water might look like it’s trickling out. This could be the result of a valve that needs to be repaired or a sprinkler head that isn’t functioning properly, but if the problem is limited to just one zone, you might be dealing with root intrusion or other localized problems.
  • Dry spots: Is your lawn turning yellow in some spots? Your sprinklers may not be fully covering the lawn, which will cause it to dry up and die in the summer heat. This could be a problem with your sprinkler heads—watch them when the water is on to see if you can detect any problems. Sometimes it’s just a matter of a quick manual adjustment to direct the water properly, but in other cases, you might need to replace the sprinkler head entirely.
  • Suspiciously lush spots: If you have some strangely green spots in your lawn, or a place where the ground always seems wet and soggy, you may be dealing with an underground leak. Call a sprinkler contractor as soon as possible to have them check the pipes. It could be as simple as replacing a broken or leaking valve, but occasionally you might need to replace entire sections of pipe.
  • Sputtering heads or leaky valves: Sputtering heads could be due to a water pressure problem, or they may be clogged with dirt and debris—both problems are easy enough to fix. If you see leaky valves (look for moisture around the pressure regulators and filters), make sure to call a plumber for assistance. These issues may be symptoms of larger problems, and can contribute to a significant amount of water waste.
  • Spiking water usage: Speaking of water waste, if your water bill has recently spiked, you could be dealing with a leak. Check your above-ground sprinkler fixtures for signs of leaks, then call a professional to help pinpoint the problem.

If you need help with your summertime sprinkler maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO, Affordable Rooter is here to make your life easier. We’re happy to help repair and maintain your sprinkler system as well as any other household plumbing fixtures that are giving you trouble. For two decades, we’ve prided ourselves on providing affordable, reliable and professional plumbing assistance—get in touch with us today to get started.

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