Colder Weather Preparation for Lawns Starts Now!

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Your lawn is resilient, but colder temperatures can arrive quickly in Colorado. While your thoughts may still be on pool parties and barbecues, it is never too soon to help your lawn thrive in colder weather. Preparation and lawn grooming now means you will enjoy a fresh green lawn every spring and summer. Here are five tips for cold weather lawn care in Colorado Springs, CO:

  • Be careful with mowing: Many of us grew up with the idea that we should mow every week. However, this can actually damage your lawn and make cold temperatures more difficult on it. Instead, mow your lawn every 10 to 14 days. You do not want your grass shorter than ¾ of an inch for optimal growth and survival. Keeping it at the recommended length also prevents the growth of lawn-killing fungus that can prove hard to kill next spring. Winter often breeds fungus under snow, and keeping your lawn at its best length prevents that.
  • Fertilize: Never forget to fertilize your lawn. Choose a natural fertilizer and apply it at the end of August. For best results, find a brand with no phosphates. If you notice any brown or dead spots, deal with them now, before it becomes too cold. This way, the replacement areas of your lawn will be well established before cooler temperatures arrive.
  • Water as needed: Your lawn only needs water every other day. If you have a programmable irrigation system, set it on this schedule and let it go. You will not have to adjust it again until late September. As temperatures drop and hover around freezing, have your sprinkler lines cleared and turn off your system until next year. You do not want to risk pipes freezing. If you do not have an automatic sprinkler system, water your lawn in the evening for best results, and do not run water for more than 30 minutes.
  • Avoid stagnant water: Mosquitoes are a bane of summer. Watch your sprinklers to see that they do not create large mosquito-breeding puddles. Keep watching even when temperatures drop, because mosquitoes will continue to breed even when it is 50 degrees. By allowing them these opportunities, you will experience a larger hatch next year, and more bites. Controlling water accumulation in lawns, flower beds and rainwater barrels will make this summer and the next one much more pleasant.
  • Maintain compost: Good compost will help your landscaping survive all winter. Now is the time to keep accumulating it so you can spread it later. Foliage trimmings and weeds make great compost in the summer, and when fall hits, you can also add leaves. The leaves will keep the pile from getting too wet in colder weather, and that will make it more effective for your garden next year.

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