How to Avoid Septic System Repair in the Winter

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With Colorado’s ever-changing weather, you are probably used to the sudden temperature changes and extremes. The weather also has an effect on your septic system. Here’s a closer look at what you should know about winter septic repairs in Colorado Springs, CO, which will help you to avoid problems in the future:

  • Non- or under-functioning pipes: When your pipes are clogged, the clogs (and any water lingering in them) can freeze, expand and crack the pipes. In turn, this can allow your drinking water to become contaminated. If you have trouble with freezing pipes, consider wrapping them with insulation before the cold weather sets in, and keep faucets running at a trickle.
  • Frozen septic system components: When the weather gets cold and the ground freezes, your septic tank can, too. Cold weather is dangerous for the helpful bacteria and enzymes that break down solid waste in your system and push the wastewater out into the drain field. When your tank and pipes freeze, wastewater will back up and fill your tank much faster than normal. To help avoid this, insulate your septic system as much as possible. Straw, hay, blankets, dirt or specialty insulators can help keep the ground, tank and surrounding areas as warm as possible during the winter season.
  • Problems with pumping: Snow makes it a lot harder to pump your tank in the wintertime. You’ll probably have to dig out the snow to clear a path, and if the wastewater or solid waste has frozen, you’ll have difficulty clearing out your tank. To solve this problem, either pump your tank well before the winter weather sets in, or consider a septic tank riser that will provide above-ground access during inclement weather.
  • Overfull tanks: Hosting family and friends for the holidays almost always leads to overfull tanks, especially when it’s cold outside. Ice and snow make it harder for your tank to function, while the additional load leads to backups and other issues. (Plus, there’s always that one kid who tries flushing toys or other objects down the toilet.) One way to handle this problem is to give your guests a schedule for showering, laundry and running the dishwasher. They might balk at first, but given the choice between being able to enjoy indoor bathroom usage and having to go without, they’re likely to comply.
  • Accumulating wastewater: Finally, the ice and snow can put a lot of pressure on your septic tank in additional to freezing the contents. Not only is it harder for your system to process the waste, it’s even harder to push it out into the drain field to complete the treatment. You can help avoid this by aerating your soil around the tank and drain field before the cold weather sets in.

Taking care of your system to avoid cold weather septic repair in Colorado Springs, CO is key to having safe and functioning plumbing all winter long. For help preparing your septic system, call Affordable Rooter today. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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