Sprinkler Leaks Are Costly

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If you’ve ever been hit with an unusually high water bill, you might have quickly discovered a sprinkler leak in Colorado Springs, CO. Even small leaks can waste around 6,300 gallons per month. From flooding to your water bill going up, sprinkler leaks can be quite costly. Not only do you need to pay for the water that was wasted, but you’ll also require sprinkler repairs. What’s worse, if your city uses wastewater averaging, one leak can cause your water bills to go up next year.

The best way to avoid this is to prevent leaks from happening in the first place. Here’s what causes irrigation and water leaks in Colorado Springs, CO, and how to prevent them.

What causes sprinkler leaks?

There are several reasons you might notice a sprinkler leak—here are the reasons and how to spot them:

  • Sprinkler head leaks: Sprinkler heads can leak when they’re missing, cracked or broken. This type of leak is easy to spot—it looks like a geyser of water erupting from your sprinkler head. Sometimes these leaks are caused by wayward lawn mowers, kids playing roughly or vehicles running over the sprinkler heads. Other times, the fittings are cracked. You might also see water spurting or pooling on the ground. If this is the case, get the number of a great sprinkler repair contractor and call right away for repairs.
  • Valve leaks: Valves can wear out and rupture or crack. They can also suffer from obstructions, which prevent the valves from closing properly. If you notice water pooling around your sprinkler head while the system is turned off, it’s probably a valve problem. Alternatively, it could be that water froze in the sprinkler head, expanded and cracked the sprinkler head—that’s why it’s important to winterize your sprinkler system before the cold temperatures set in.
  • Pipe leaks: Finally, you could have a pipe leak. They’re characterized by soft, wet ground between sprinkler heads, pooling or depressions in the ground and even mushrooms growing in a patch. You might notice that your sprinkler heads barely spout water, or that they’re spraying dirty water. This is the most devastating kind of sprinkler leak, and needs to be repaired immediately.

Preventing water leaks

If you don’t relish the thought of unexpectedly expensive water bills, it’s crucial that you take good care of your sprinkler system. The best way to do this is have it inspected and repaired every year, and make sure you winterize it before the first deep freeze. Your sprinkler repair contractor can make sure all the components are in good working order, and that there are no signs of leaks.

Winterizing your system involves removing all the water from the pipes and components before the weather drops below freezing. If your sprinkler system freezes with water still inside, it will crack the components and cause big problems in the springtime.

Dealing with water leaks in Colorado Springs, CO is no fun, but the team at Affordable Rooter can help you repair or prevent them. Call us today to get started.

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