The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies

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We get calls day and night to address plumbing emergencies in Colorado Springs, CO. Over the past 20 years, we’ve realized that many of the calls we get are very similar in a number of ways. This post will cover a few of the most common plumbing issues homeowners call us to fix:

  • Clogged toilets: It’s safe to say that everyone’s dealt with a clogged toilet at one point or another. If the plunger can’t help relieve the clog, a professional plumber can! You can count on us to find the source of the clog and remove it.
  • Running toilet: If your toilet flushes, that’s a good thing—but if it doesn’t stop running after it’s been flushed, that’s a huge waste of water. In fact, a constantly-running toilet can waste up to one gallon of water per hour! A call to a plumber to fix the running toilet is much cheaper than paying that expensive water bill.
  • Clogged sinks and tubs: A clogged sink or bathtub can be just as problematic as a clogged toilet. You can try to unclog the drain yourself with your fingers or a clothes hanger, but that won’t help if the clog is deep in the pipes. A plumber has all of the right tools to remove that clog, wherever it may be.
  • Burst pipes: One of the most common plumbing issues in Colorado Springs, CO we see each winter is burst pipes. A burst pipe can lead to massive amounts of flooding and high restoration bills. To prevent your pipes from bursting, run water on cold nights and consider wrapping any exposed pipes.
  • Broken water line: The line that leads from your water source to your home is obviously an essential part of your plumbing system. You’ll notice a huge drop in water pressure—or you might not get water at all—when it breaks or gets clogged. Since it’s buried deep underground, only a professional plumber can fix a broken water line.
  • No hot water: We tend to take our hot showers for granted, at least until the water heater goes out. Not having hot water isn’t the end of the world, but taking a cold shower is no way to start the day. Fortunately, a malfunctioning water heater is easy for a professionally-trained plumber to fix.
  • Broken washing machine hose: Our washing machine is another thing we tend to take for granted until we can’t clean our clothes. A broken washing machine hose is another one of the common plumbing issues in Colorado Springs, CO that we get calls to fix. If your washer isn’t filling all the way up with water or you notice pooling water, call a plumber to fix the hose as soon as possible.
  • Severe leaks: Although we don’t necessarily recommend it, a homeowner may be able to fix a small leak by themselves. A massive leak, however, needs to be addressed by a professional plumber. We recommend calling a plumber right away as soon as you notice a leak, as there’s a good chance the leak will only get worse and cause more damage.

We’re your team for any emergency!

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