Choosing the Right Type of Pipes

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Homeowners these days have a huge variety of plumbing piping materials they can choose to use in their homes. If you’re building a new home or just want to replace some old, faulty pipes, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. There are many choices to make when it comes to finding the right types of plumbing pipes to suit your particular needs. Here are several types of plumbing pipes available if you’re looking for new piping in Colorado Springs, CO.

PVC piping

Everyone has heard of PVC plumbing piping, even if you didn’t know it stood for “polyvinyl chloride.” PVC plumbing piping is used for a variety of things, including everything from transporting drinking water to being used in fire sprinkler systems. It is an affordable and durable alternative to lead-based plumbing piping, and can last for more than a century!

PVC is an environmentally friendly option, since it’s made with a low-carbon, recyclable plastic and because it lasts so long. If you’re using PVC piping for potable water, be sure to get the type of PVC plumbing pipes in Colorado Springs, CO that are specifically designed to meet the proper health requirements associated with drinking water.

PEX piping

Polyethylene (PEX) plumbing piping is also made from plastic and is commonly used in water supply piping systems in homes and businesses. PEX is particularly useful because it is flexible. That flexibility also makes it easier to install than more rigid types of plumbing piping, as does the fact that it doesn’t require any soldering like metal pipes.

PEX is definitely more expensive than PVC plumbing piping, but it is less expensive than copper pipes. It’s durable and requires very little maintenance, since it almost never leaks. Since PEX is also heat resistant, it helps to conserve energy by reducing heat transfer, and it’s less likely to develop scale buildup than some other pipe materials. It’s a great option for homes and small businesses.

Copper piping

Copper plumbing piping is commonly used in Colorado Springs, CO to renovate or construct gas line plumbing rather than drinking water. That’s because copper is super durable and reliable. It’s fire resistant, and capable of withstanding pressure up to 1000 psi, as well as very hot and very cold temperatures.

Although they are pricier than some other options and require soldering, which necessitates an expert installer, copper pipes can last more than 50 years. Just be careful if your water is highly acidic, since that will prevent these pipes from living up to their potential. Copper is generally resistant to corrosion and, unlike other forms of metal piping, copper won’t release any dangerous substances like lead into drinking water.

Galvanized piping

A plumbing piping classic, galvanized pipes were super popular before the 1960s as an alternative to lead pipes. Galvanized pipes are made of steel that has been dipped in a protective molten zinc coating. These days, you usually just hear about galvanized pipes when they are being replaced, since they tend to suffer from rust and corrosion buildup, which leads to major plumbing issues.

What type of plumbing pipe is right for you?

If you’re constructing a new home in Colorado Springs, CO or repairing an old plumbing system, it’s important to determine the kind of plumbing piping that’s right for your needs. Contact the experts at Affordable Rooter today to help you get started.

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