Properly Watering Your Lawn in Colorado Springs

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Providing your lawn with proper care is always important, especially during the warmer months. This means knowing the guidelines for watering your lawn to account for the Colorado Springs weather. Colorado Springs has a drier climate than other areas, so there are certain restrictions in place to help conserve water. While these restrictions may limit how often you can water your lawn, it’s still easy to provide your lawn with great care!

Each season requires different forms of lawn care, and it’s important to be aware of the adjustments you’ll need to make depending on the season. One of the most important aspects of watering your Colorado Springs, CO lawns is making sure you have a great lawn sprinkler system in place.

Water-wise guidelines

The Colorado Springs government has named its regulations for lawn watering the “water-wise” guidelines. These guidelines were created in an effort to make the city more environmentally friendly and keep the landscape healthy. They are quite simple and shouldn’t cause much upset when it comes to taking care of your lawn.

The water-wise guidelines state that individuals can only water their lawn three times per week and should use a shutoff nozzle for hoses. They also ask that you only water your lawn before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. during warmer months. Pooling water should also be avoided. If you have a leaky sprinkler, you should contact a sprinkler repair service right away.

The importance of proper lawn watering

If you want to keep your lawn healthy and looking great, it needs to be properly watered. This is especially true during the summer months, as your lawn will be much thirstier. Without adequate water, your lawn can easily die, which will not only look bad but could also cause trouble for your home.

Healthy lawns can help prevent flooding and will aid in the breakdown of certain chemicals. They also provide a great place to breed life, be that animals or flowers.

The number of times per week to water your lawn

The number of times per week you should water your lawn greatly depends on the season. From November to January, for example, your lawn should only be watered once or twice per month. During these months, watering should only be done on days where the temperature goes above 50 degrees.

During the spring and fall months, it’s recommended that you water your lawn once a week. Your lawn should be watered at least twice a week during the summer months. The number of days per week on which you should water your lawn can vary depending on the weather.

The perfect length of time for watering your lawn

The perfect length of time for watering is different for every lawn. It also depends on the type of sprinkler you have. Lawns using popup sprinklers usually require around 30 minutes of watering, while those with rotor sprinklers need around 50 minutes. Watering should be done for every lawn zone.

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