Video Sewer Line Inspections

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You’ve probably wondered how plumbers know exactly where to find sewer line problems without digging up the ground. Technology has developed to the point where cameras can by attached to cables and fed into pipes and drainage grates so plumbers can diagnose leaks and blockages without disrupting the sewer system. Check out these other reasons why plumbers in Colorado Springs, CO conduct video sewer line inspections.

Sewer cameras are non-intrusive

Sewer line inspections weren’t always easy like they are today. Before video equipment was developed, plumbers had to dig up the ground and hope they chose the right spot. They spent much time and effort digging for the problem when there was a good chance the plumbers’ efforts were in vain. But with the help of sewer cameras, all they have to do is send a cable down the drain and look for damage from inside the pipes.

Video sewer line inspection not only saves plumbers from hours of digging, but is also minimally intrusive to the homeowner’s daily life. Digging turns their front lawn into an unsightly mess that would take many more days to fix—and they’re the ones paying for it. A sewer camera identifies clogs, corrosion and leaks without causing additional damage in the process.

They work better than home remedies

Homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO commonly believe a plunger or chemical cleaner will solve all their plumbing problems. These products work on minor clogs, but are powerless against stubborn, hard-to-reach issues like tree roots that have invaded the sewer line. You’ll know it’s time to get help from a plumber when you experience inconsistent water pressure, slow drains or frequent blockages that are impossible to unclog by yourself.

Unfortunately, there’s no way for homeowners to accurately diagnose plumbing problems on their own. A local plumber from Colorado Springs, CO has to conduct a video sewer line inspection in order to see what’s going on in the pipes. Without video evidence, homeowners can only guess at what the problem might be.

Video inspections speed up repairs

A sewer line issue takes longer to resolve when plumbers are unclear about what’s causing it. If plumbers didn’t have sewer cameras at their disposal, troubleshooting the problem would become a matter of trial and error. They don’t have time for guesswork, and neither do homeowners. Time is money, and the longer it takes to identify the root cause, the more expensive it gets.

Sewer cameras drastically cut down on how much time plumbers need to solve the problem. There’s no need for guesswork when every single crack, clog and bit of corrosion is put on full display. Plumbers can see with their own eyes exactly what’s causing the issue and take appropriate steps to either repair or replace sections of the homeowner’s sewer line.

Not all clogs disappear with a little bit of drain cleaner. When all else fails, schedule a video sewer line inspection with the Colorado Springs, CO plumbing professionals at Affordable Rooter. We’re sure to identify the cause in no time and restore your plumbing back to normal.

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