Preventative Maintenance for Your Plumbing

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While it’s important to correct faucet leaks, broken pipes and drain clogs as soon as you notice them, it’s just as critical to take the proper preventative maintenance measures to keep those problems from occurring in the first place. Investing in sewer line inspections and drain cleaning services in Colorado Springs, CO can do wonders for your plumbing system, not to mention your peace of mind.

There’s a wide range of tasks you can perform either by yourself or with the assistance of a professional plumber to keep all of your plumbing systems and infrastructure in good condition, allowing you to avoid potentially expensive and inconvenient problems. Here are just a few examples:

  • Fix leaks right away: If you notice any of your faucets or showerheads leaking, don’t wait for the problem to become worse before you take action. Even small leaks should be addressed immediately so the problem does not worsen. Keep in mind that leaks can cause serious water damage when located in the right areas. Be sure no water drips out when handles are in the off position, and also look underneath sinks for water stains or active drips while you have the water on.
  • Be smart with what you send down the drain: One of the most common reasons plumbers get called out for sewer line inspections in Colorado Springs, CO is that people flush items down their toilets or drains that do not belong there. Never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper, and do not pour any chemicals down the drain, or anything that could be reactive or congeal.
  • Watch for slow drains: Keep an eye out to see if you have any drains in your homes that seem to be clogged. If water is draining slowly, you should address the problem before it results in a backup. Try using vinegar and hot water first to flush and clear out the drain. Even if you don’t notice a slow drain, you could do this every several months to prevent a clog from forming. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners, as these are corrosive and bad for the environment.
  • Clean showerheads and faucets: Every now and then, remove and clean the showerhead and the head of the faucet to get rid of sediment. As sediment builds up in these areas, you will lose water flow coming out of them, which is both inconvenient for you and could potentially cause damage if the sediment clogs get severe enough.
  • Repair toilet leaks: There are a few ways toilets can leak. The most common is when a bad seal around the valve seat causes the toilet to constantly run, even if you haven’t flushed it. This will result in a lot of wasted water. You might also have debris form around the flapper and valve seat, preventing a proper seal. Or, you may have issues with the handle or tank stopper, causing the constant running. Replacing the proper part inside the tank should resolve the issue, and is a job you can do yourself with a small amount of money and time.

For more information about our plumbing and drain cleaning services in Colorado Springs, CO, contact the team at Affordable Rooter today.

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