Providing Your Swamp Cooler with Proper Maintenance

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Evaporative cooler units, also known as swamp coolers, are a type of cooling system that utilizes water evaporation to cool the air. These cooling systems are beneficial to those living in dry climates, as they help moisten the air. They are also much cheaper than other air conditioning options and are better for the environment. There are many reasons someone living in Colorado Springs, CO might want to own a swamp cooler.

With the weather starting to get warmer, you’re probably going to be using your swamp cooler soon. To get the full effect, it’s important to provide your swamp cooler with proper maintenance. Read on to learn about some of the ways to keep your unit working perfectly throughout the spring and summer months, and remember that Affordable Rooter is available when you need swamp cooler or plumbing repairs.

Cleaning the unit

Several different parts of your swamp cooler will need to be thoroughly cleaned before turning it back on. You’ll probably want to clean the outside first. Avoid using any cleaners or products that haven’t been recommended by the manufacturer. Proper cleaning of a swamp cooler can easily be done by wiping the exterior with a damp rag on a routine basis. This will prevent harsh materials from entering your swamp cooler and damaging it.

Another part of your swamp cooler that will need cleaning is the water tank. Cleaning the tank can be done by draining the water and refilling it. Some experts also recommend that you use zinc anode tablets. These tablets can be easily placed in your water tank and will stop harsh minerals from building up in your unit. Proper cleaning will also prevent the growth of fungus.

Shutting down the unit

If you’re not using your unit, it’s best to turn it off. Turning off your swamp cooler after it’s cooled down your home will help prolong its life. You’ll also have a good opportunity to clean your swamp cooler when it’s turned off. If you don’t think your swamp cooler will be needed for a few days, you might consider storing it in a safe place. Be sure to drain water from the unit before storing it anywhere.

Replacing the cooling pads

The cooling pads of your swamp cooler unit are essential to the evaporation process, so it’s important to change them routinely. The lifespan of these pads can depend on many factors, including the brand and how often you use your swamp cooler. It’s usually recommended that you change your cooling pads when first bringing out your swamp cooler for warmer weather.

The cooling pads should be checked frequently to make sure they are free of cracks and any dirt buildup. Cracked cooling pads should be replaced, while dirt buildup can usually be easily removed.

Keeping water levels just right

Recommended water levels for your swamp cooler will usually be shown by a fill line in the unit. Check your swamp cooler every now and then to be sure the water levels are properly maintained.

If you’re looking for professional swamp cooler maintenance in Colorado Springs, CO or are in need of plumbing services, give Affordable Rooter a call to schedule an appointment.

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