How to Handle Plumbing Repair That Requires Excavation

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In some cases, the unfortunate reality is that plumbing repair will require digging a tunnel under a home or business to get at the root cause of the problem. Sometimes, the homeowner may choose to hire separate plumbing and excavation companies to divide up the work.

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However, splitting up the work can lead to problems down the line. Here are some things you’ll want to consider before hiring separate plumbing and excavation contractors for your project.

The plumbing and excavation crews won’t be on the same page

If you’re hiring two different companies for plumbing and excavation, then each contractor will only be responsible for their part. So, for example, the excavation company won’t be able to spot the plumbing issue. They might dig a tunnel that’s too large, leading to additional, unnecessary costs for the homeowner. If the excavator digs the tunnel too short, then the homeowner will have to bring them back, again adding to the total bill. You can avoid all this by hiring a plumbing contractor who also does excavation work.

Ballooning costs

The fact is that it will cost homeowners more to hire a separate excavation crew than it will to hire a plumbing company that handles its own excavation. When you bring in a second contractor to complete the work, you’re likely to be charged more than if you hire one firm to handle all aspects of the job.

Holding each contractor responsible

By hiring a separate excavation crew for the job, you take certain risks. If, in the course of their work, the excavators damage the plumbing infrastructure, you could be held liable for this damage. Plumbers only guarantee work they do themselves—they can’t be held responsible for work a separate contractor has done. Here again, hiring a combined plumbing and excavation firm is a way to avoid this pitfall.

Excavation crews that offer to do plumbing

Let’s say you hire the excavation contractors first, then they later offer to do the plumbing. Maybe they even give you a great rate on the work. The problem is that many diggers aren’t qualified, licensed plumbers, and you may regret giving them the go-ahead to do the plumbing.

When this happens, the excavators may do the job poorly or skip important repairs. Their work may not be up to municipal codes, or may be done using substandard materials. If someone gets hurt on the job, the excavator won’t have insurance to cover plumbing repair, and you could end up getting sued.

The bottom line is that a wide range of problems can pop up due to hiring separate plumbing and excavation contractors. It’s best to stick with a trusted name that knows both fields and will get the job done right.

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