The Average Cost of Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

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Finding a good estimate for your sewer line repair or replacement can sometimes seem difficult. In fact, sewer line repairs can range in cost from $4,000 to $25,000. This huge price range is because there are many factors that can affect the cost of your sewer line repair, including the cause of damage. Some damages are more time-consuming and difficult to repair.

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Read on to get an idea of the things that can affect the price of your sewer line repair.

The different types of sewer line repair

There are two different methods your plumbing specialist might use to fix your sewer line: trenchless sewer line repair and traditional sewer line repair.

Trenchless sewer line repairs are often cheaper than traditional repairs, as they don’t require excavation. Traditional sewer line repairs not only require excavation but sometimes involve removing walls in order to reach the necessary pipes. The additional cost of excavation can easily add up.

How the cause can affect repair costs

Often, the exact cause of your sewer line problem will greatly affect the repair costs. For example, if you’ve had tree roots grow into the sewer line, you’ll likely need a full replacement. A full sewer line replacement is often expensive and can take a long time to complete. If you’re worried about tree roots growing towards your sewer line, consider asking a plumbing expert to come inspect your property. This could help prevent the need for expensive future repairs.

Clogs usually aren’t as big of a problem as tree root damage, so you can expect to pay a bit less for these repairs. On average, sewer line clogs cost around $1,000 or less to fix. Clogs are also usually a quick fix.

A common cause of sewer line problems is age. If your sewer line is old enough, it may need a full replacement. While you may want to avoid an expensive replacement, it’s important to replace your sewer line if necessary. Putting off sewer line replacements could result in burst pipes, which can release wastewater onto your property. If that happens, you’ll have to pay for a sewer line replacement as well as the cost of repairing your landscape.

Signs it’s time to repair or replace your sewer line

There are several signs that might signal a broken sewer line. Slow drainage, for example, can mean that there’s a blockage in your sewer line, which should be easy to fix. That said, slow drainage could also mean a tree root has grown into your sewer line. Other signs of a broken sewer line include foul odors, constant clogs, insect infestations, mold and mildew growth and more.

If you need a sewer line repair, be sure to contact a plumbing repair specialist right away. You don’t want to be without a working sewer line for any amount of time. Broken sewer lines could result in clogs, bad smells and even more expensive repairs. Avoid all this by speaking with one of the experts at Affordable Rooter.

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