What Happens When Homeowners Need a Main Sewer Line Inspection?

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Many homeowners and home buyers wonder when exactly they need a sewer line inspection. A standard home inspection does not include checking the main sewer line—which runs from the home to the city connection—as it requires a sewer scope. However, this can absolutely be worth it if you’re purchasing an older home or you’re having persistent plumbing problems. Read on to find out when you need to invest in this service.

When do I need a sewer line inspection?

Only certain kinds of homes require this inspection. Homes that are over 20 years old with trees in the front yard and a new cleanout cap are good candidates to receive a sewer line inspection. Anyone buying or selling a home that meets these criteria should consider this inspection. If the house has a septic system, a septic inspection will be needed. Newer homes are less likely to have problems.

Homeowners who are experiencing clogging or backup issues may also need this service. This is an accurate diagnostic approach in which a technician can quickly and easily spot the source of the problem. Whether it’s a leak, blockage or other issue, you’ll quickly find out exactly what needs to be done.

How does a main sewer line inspection work?

A technician will use a sewer scope, a specialized camera that’s sent into the main sewer line to search for blockages or other problems like clogs, cracks or roots growing into the system. The technician will document any issues during the inspection. Then you can begin to consider whether further work needs to be done.

How much does this service cost?

Sewer line inspection is not always included in the cost of home inspection. One reason is that the cost of a sewer scope isn’t worth it to home inspectors, whereas for plumbing contractors, the investment pays itself off after a couple of years. Some homes don’t have easily accessible sewer cleanouts, so a plumber may be called in for a sewer line inspection.

The average inspection using a sewer scope takes about half an hour to complete. The exact amount of time may vary depending on access to the main sewer line and how easy it is for a camera to travel through the system.

Sewer cam inspections are an affordable service that most plumbers offer for an additional fee. If you’re buying or selling a home or experiencing plumbing issues that don’t have a clear cause, then you may want to bring in the experts for a sewer camera inspection. This takes all the guesswork and digging out of the picture so you can get your plumbing system functioning at its highest level again.

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