Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

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Looking for the right plumbing contractor to take care of the plumbing system at your home or business? No two plumbing professionals are the same, and the quality of work can differ widely among different service providers. It takes a lot of skill, knowledge and expertise to do plumbing right, which is why you need to think carefully before hiring a contractor. Here are five important questions to ask before you hire a plumber.

Is the plumbing contractor licensed?

Your home’s plumbing system can be dangerous to work with, and can even cause massive damage to your property, which is why most states require a current license for anyone wanting to perform plumbing services. Licensure ensures your plumber has passed all necessary tests and has the years of knowledge and experience required to maintain the plumbing systems in your home. Hiring a plumber with a valid license allows you to take comfort that the person working at your home has the appropriate credentials to do so.

Is the plumbing contractor bonded and insured?

Make sure to only work with plumbing professionals who are fully bonded and insured. If you work with plumbers who don’t have these credentials, you run the risk of being legally responsible for any injuries that may happen while the plumber’s at work at your property. The plumber should be prepared to provide evidence of bonding and insurance if you ask for it.

Who will be performing the work?

It’s always wise to determine who exactly will be doing the plumbing work at your house. There are many cases where a plumber may use subcontractors or other helpers. Sometimes, these assistants don’t provide the same level of quality as a professional plumber with full licensure. You want to feel completely comfortable with the person working on your plumbing system, so there’s no need to feel shy about asking this question.

What is the estimated cost of fixing your plumbing problem?

Beware of quotes provided over the phone. Reputable plumbers take the time to visit your property and see your plumbing problem with their own eyes before quoting any estimates. Experienced professionals include all materials and labor in the quote, so always make sure to ask your plumber whether an estimate is all-inclusive or only includes labor.

Is the rate hourly or fixed?

When you ask for an estimate from any plumbing contractor, be sure you have an understanding of whether the quote is a fixed price or an hourly rate. Asking this question can help you avoid unwelcome surprises, in the form of a higher bill, once the job is done.

Hiring the right plumbing contractor doesn’t have to be stressful. By arming yourself with information and asking the right questions, you can find a plumbing professional who’s completely qualified to perform any plumbing repair you may be dealing with. When it comes to plumbers with a great track record of success, Affordable Rooter is the name to call. We’re master plumbers who are dedicated to tackling any issue you may face with your home’s plumbing system.

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