What Are Some Warning Signs That Your Main Sewer Line Needs Repair?

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It’s easy to take your home’s plumbing for granted. It works so well most of the time that you probably don’t even give it a second thought. Until there’s a problem with it. Then you’ll truly know how much you rely on the functioning of your home’s plumbing.

Get Sewer Line Repair

One of the larger issues with any home’s plumbing is when the main sewer line needs repair. Some of the signs indicating you need sewer line repairs are obvious, while some are more subtle.

This article will illustrate some of the warning signs that indicate you need sewer line repairs.

Water drains slowly

If the water in your home is slow to drain, there could be a problem with your main sewer line. Most of the time, slow or clogged drains can be remedied with some equipment (like a plunger) and some drain cleaner. But if you find that multiple drains are slow simultaneously and they aren’t easily fixed, you may want to have your main sewer line looked at.

Multiple backups

You don’t need to be a plumber to understand that if there’s water backed up in your sink or toilet, it could spell trouble. This will often be accompanied by a gurgling sound in your sink or toilet, and it’s frequently one of the first signs that you may need sewer line repairs. If other drains get backed up when you use your plumbing fixtures (like the basement drain gets backed up when you flush the toilet) and the problem isn’t self-contained, you may want to call a plumber.

Bad smells

You can use your ears to listen for gurgling and your nose to see if there are any foul-smelling odors emanating from your plumbing fixtures. Check your sink, tub and basement drains to see if there are any rancid smells wafting up from them, as this could be an indicator that you have a clogged sewer line and you need sewer line repairs.

Pooling water in your yard

It’s helpful to know where your sewer lines are buried, so you can check on them periodically in your home’s backyard. A clogged or broken sewer line could lead to water bubbling up from underground and collecting in your yard. This can make the grass and ground in the surrounding area soggy and could even lead to some of the fetid odors that we touched on before. If you notice this, you should call a plumber straight away, as this could lead to sinkholes in your yard if left unchecked.

Increased utility costs

An increase in your water bill could mean that you need sewer line repairs. This is because your plumbing can’t run as efficiently as it normally would if there’s a crack or clog in your main sewer line. If you notice you’re suddenly paying significantly more for water without using more than usual, it might be time to call in a plumbing expert.

Call for main sewer line repairs today

If you’ve experienced any combination of these problems, give us a call at Affordable Rooter. We offer up-front pricing and have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so call us for any plumbing problems you may have—from a clogged drain to the installation of a main sewer line.

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