When Might You Need Plumbing Excavation Services?

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Plumbing excavation involves removing the soil above the pipeline to reveal the plumbing below. Excavation contractors use high-pressure water to remove the soil and then move it to a tank. Once the soil is removed, they can perform inspections and any needed repairs.

Get Excavation Services

Most plumbing issues don’t require excavation, but occasionally this process is necessary. How do you know if you need to call excavation contractors?

Watch for the following issues that may require plumbing excavation:

  • Soil issues: If the soil is in poor condition, you may need the assistance of excavation contractors. Shifting of the soil can cause sewer line damage. Freeze-thaw situations can also cause instability in the soil. In these cases, it is important to work with excavation contractors to carefully handle the soil.
  • Root issues: If trees are positioned close to a property, the roots can cause significant damage to sewer lines. They can grow into pipes or block pipes. If these issues occur, excavation contractors will be needed to remove blockages and repair damage.
  • Flow issues: When a pipe that is not fully accessible becomes blocked by debris, plumbing excavation is usually necessary. For example, if corrosion has built up inside a buried pipe, excavation contractors can perform plumbing excavation to expose the blocked section of plumbing and remove the blockage. At times, the entire section of pipe may have to be replaced.
  • Age issues: Over time, pipes may start to corrode. Older pipes in particular are susceptible to corrosion, since they are typically made of less corrosion-resistant materials. If your pipes are old and you experience plumbing issues, you may need to partner with excavation contractors to use plumbing excavation to inspect your pipes and get to the root of the issues.

Who should perform plumbing excavation?

If you need excavation contractors, be sure to work with professionals you can trust. Look for the following qualities as you choose a team to perform your plumbing excavation:

  • License and insurance: Excavation contractors should be properly licensed for the work. They should also have the required insurance to perform the job. Ask for proof of license and insurance before agreeing to work with excavation contractors.
  • Tools and experience: Look for a company that is established in the industry. You don’t want to be their first excavation job. Make sure they have the necessary skills, tools and experience to meet your needs.
  • Track record of success: Ask for references from the excavation contractors. Read online reviews of the company. Confirm that others have had a good experience with the team before you partner with them for plumbing excavation.

Our team is ready

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