Why Is My Water Pressure Low?

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Living in a house with low water pressure is inefficient and frustrating. Everything from washing dishes to doing laundry and showering can become more frustrating tasks when your water pressure is low. At Affordable Rooter in Colorado Springs, CO, we offer comprehensive, complete plumbing services to help fix your low-pressure water issue. Let’s explore some of the reasons why you experience low water pressure.

Your Pressure Regulator is Failing

A pressure regulator helps maintain a balanced water flow that’s neither too low nor too high. Attach a pressure gauge to the hose spigot outside your house to determine if the regulator is accurately reading the water pressure.

Then, turn on your water to find out if it reads a lower amount than what the pressure regulator indicates. If it does, your regulator needs urgent replacement. It isn’t a bad idea to contact us, especially if you aren’t used to tinkering around with plumbing pipes.

Your Pipes Are Leaking

Some of the water in your system can either flow out of the pipes or be diverted. If you spot plumbing supply leaks, contact us for professional plumbing services in Colorado Springs, CO, right away. Affordable Rooter offers emergency services and can promptly fix the issue to avoid further damage.

Your Fixture Is Broken

Low water pressure is mainly caused by faulty pipes. But, if you only have low water pressure in one specific shower, sink, toilet, or tub, the issue can be the fixtures themselves. Fixtures like faucets have an aerator that helps prevent plumbing supply leaks that cause low water pressure.  But, if your water contains minerals or dirt, it might block the tiny holes of the aerator. We can replace the faulty fixtures, clean the aerators, and also repair your faulty water heater’s thermostat.   

Your Pipes Are Corroding

Corrosion happens when the materials of your pipe react with minerals in the water, producing a rock-like, gunky substance. This material builds up inside your pipes and eventually reduces their diameters. This restricts water flow, ultimately leading to low pressure.

 You’re likely to experience corrosion, especially if your pipes are made of copper, steel, or iron. Corrosion also causes your metal pipes to become more brittle, thin, and easy to break. It would be best to contact us for the installation of non-corrosive, long-lasting PVC pipes

Your Water Supplier Has Water Pressure Issues

You can experience low water pressure at home if your water supplier experiences water pressure issues. Problems with your municipal water supplier can’t be solved from your house. So, contact your water supplier to ask when they expect to solve the issue.

Prevent Water Pressure Issues With Affordable Rooter in Colorado Springs, CO

Low water pressure can ruin everything from your dishes to your shower. Let us know if you’re tired of dealing with low water pressure. The earlier we fix it, the less the damage will spread. Also, the sooner you’ll be enjoying your normal water pressure again. Contact us today if you want to know the root cause of your water pressure issues or if you’re ready for us to fix your plumbing head-on.

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