How To Choose an In House Water Softener

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Most homes have issues with hard water. This means that the water contains minerals like calcium or magnesium. Hard water can have many negative effects on your home and family. It can cause rashes and dry skin and damage to pipes, faucets, and even your appliances. Achieving soft water in your home can enhance your life and make things more comfortable.

If you have hard water, rest assured you are not stuck with the situation. You can soften water by working with a trustworthy plumbing contractor. Keep reading to learn more.

Water Softener Size

In order to amend your hard water, a professional will need to install a water softener. A water softener is a device that can alter the water coming into your home. Water softeners come in different sizes. Your plumbing professional will help you choose a size that best suits the needs of your family and property. Often the size is based on how many people reside on the property. If you raise animals on the property, this can also be a consideration as well.

Water Softener Maintenance

Once a water softener has been installed, basic maintenance will need to be done. The most common type of water softener maintenance is regeneration. As the softener works to remove minerals and other things from your water, the resin bed will become coated. You will need to regenerate the resin bed using water softener salt and water. This is a quick and easy process. Your plumbing professional will advise you on how to do this and how often to do this.

Other Considerations

Many people choose to only soften their hot water supply. During the softening process, trace amounts of salt can be left in the water. Many families do not want this trace salt in their drinking water or cooking water. If you choose to only soften your hot water supply, you can ensure that showers, baths, and appliances will not be harmed by hard water.

Another consideration may be filtration systems. You should be aware that softening water is not the same thing as filtering or purifying water. If you want filtered or purified water, you will need to also have a purification system or filtration system installed as well. Most water-softening systems work well with filtration or purification systems.

Talk with a local plumbing professional about your options for water softening and filtration.

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