Why Does My Water Taste Funny?

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Glasses,With,Clean,And,Dirty,Water,On,White,BackgroundWhy Does My Water Taste Funny?

During the water treatment process, chlorine is added to your drinking water to kill bacteria that may be in your water supply. Depending on how much your municipality adds, it can sometimes give your water a chemical scent and taste. And while there are several reasons why your water may taste bad, the majority of them can thankfully be corrected with the right choice of a water treatment system and proper repairs.

Dirty Taste

If your water has a dirty taste to it, it can be caused by a number of different contaminants. These can include total dissolved solids (TDS), chemicals used to treat water and environmental contaminants. Water that has a dirt-like taste is most likely coming from geosmin, a naturally occurring chemical compound that is created by soil and plant bacteria as well as algae blooms. It only takes 10 nanograms of geosmin per liter to make your drinking water taste like dirt! So, if you notice that your water is tasting funny, it may be time for a Colorado Springs plumber to come in and do some testing!

Metallic Taste

The metallic taste of your water can be an indication of a variety of problems. It could be a chemical used to treat your water, environmental contaminants, or concentrations of metal that have leached out of old plumbing pipes. It can also be a result of low pH levels. The lower the pH level, the more metallic your water will taste. Alternatively, it could be a trace element like iron, manganese, or zinc. These are safe to drink at low levels but impart a metallic taste when present in high concentrations. Typically, the cause of this problem will be found through a water test. Fortunately, a number of effective filtration solutions exist to correct this issue. Often, a whole-house filter will be all that is required to get rid of the metallic aftertaste.

Rotten Egg Taste

A rotten egg smell isn’t just a smell – it can also be an unpleasant taste. This is often caused by a high concentration of Hydrogen Sulfide gas in your water supply. It can also come from sulfate-reducing bacteria in your well or in your water heater. These bacteria use sulfate in your water to produce hydrogen sulfide, which is what gives your water that rotten egg odor. If you have a sulfur-causing issue, it’s important to correct it as soon as possible!

Bitter Taste

If your water is starting to taste like it has a metallic or bitter aftertaste, this could be due to traces of metals in your pipes. This is especially common in older buildings where the water travels through rusty pipes before reaching your tap. Another possible cause is that your water is not properly balanced. The pH of your water needs to be in the right range for it to have a pleasant flavor and not taste bitter. To reiterate, the best way to correct the bitter taste of your water is with the right choice of a water treatment system. These systems will make sure that all of the toxins in your water are removed, and will keep your water tasting fresh and clean! Contact us to learn more today.

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