What Are Some Humorous Jokes From A Plumber?

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Middle,Age,Man,Laughing,Out,Loud,At,Some,Hilarious,Joke.Colorado Springs plumbers are often known for their skills in fixing pipes and unclogging drains, but they also possess a great sense of humor. As they navigate through different plumbing situations, they often find ways to make light of the challenges they face. In this blog post, we will share some hilarious jokes from plumbers that will surely bring a smile to your face.

1. “What did the plumber say to the sink?”

– “You’ve got me drained!”

Plumbers sometimes find themselves in humorous situations where they have to interact with inanimate objects like sinks. This joke plays on the pun between “drained” as in being without energy and “drained” as in water going down a sink.

2. “Why did the plumber bring a ladder to work?”

– “To climb the corporate pipeline!”

This joke cleverly combines the tools of a plumber, like a ladder, with corporate jargon. It suggests that the plumber is aiming to move up the company ladder in their career, but instead of using the traditional ladder, they use a plumbing tool.

3. “What does a plumber say instead of ‘goodbye’?”

– “Pipe down!”

A play on words, this joke replaces the traditional farewell with a plumbing-related term. “Pipe down” is a common phrase plumbers use when referring to reducing water pressure or noise coming from pipes.

4. “Why did the plumber fall in love with the librarian?”

– “Because she always knew how to handle his pipe issues!”

This joke combines the professions of a plumber and a librarian to create a humorous scenario. It suggests that a librarian, known for their organization skills, is adept at handling the pipe issues that a plumber encounters, leading to a romantic connection.

5. “Why do plumbers make good comedians?”

– “Because they have a lot of pipe-lining!”

In this joke, the humor is derived from a pun on the term “pipe-lining.” While in the plumbing context, pipe-lining refers to the process of repairing or replacing pipes, it sounds similar to “punch-lining,” which is the delivery of a clever punchline in a joke.

6. “What did the plumber say when asked if he believes in love at first sight?”

– “I think it’s just pipe dreams!”

This joke plays on the phrase “pipe dreams,” which typically refers to unrealistic or unattainable desires. The plumber humorously suggests that the concept of love at first sight is just a pipe dream, likely referring to the numerous plumbing challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

7. “Why did the plumber start practicing yoga?”

– “To unclog his chakras!”

This joke combines the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga with the plumber’s occupation. Instead of unclogging drains, the plumber decides to unclog his chakras, which are believed to be centers of energy in yoga and meditation.


Plumbers may have a challenging job, dealing with leaks, clogs, and other plumbing issues, but they also have a fantastic sense of humor. These jokes add a lighthearted touch to the often serious world of plumbing. So, the next time you encounter a plumber, don’t forget to share a laugh with them using one of these hilarious jokes!

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