Water Heater Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Water Heater InspectionsWhether it’s washing your hands or enjoying your morning shower, getting hot water on demand in your home is a necessity. If your water heater isn’t providing you with the hot water you need on a daily basis, don’t waste any time in calling the experts at Affordable Rooter. From assessment and repairs to a completely new water heater replacement in Colorado Springs, CO, we’re ready to restore your hot water at an affordable price.

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Complete Water Heater Capabilities

Our expertise regarding hot water heaters is unparalleled. While other contractors may just take a look at your pilot light, anode rod or sediment buildup as a cause for concern, we assess the entirety of your unit before administering water heater repair in Colorado Springs, CO. This allows us to solve the problem fully and completely, the first time around. Our plumbing repair capabilities include:

  • Inspection: We’ll assess your water heater in action to make sure it’s functioning—and if it’s not, we’ll get to the bottom of things. We also assess things like efficiency, so you can see where your unit might be failing and why repairs may be needed.
  • Repairs: From replacing anode rods and draining the tank, to electrical repairs, to problems with the heating element and any peripheral components, we’re the experts you can trust for any and all repairs. We deliver comprehensive repairs to get your water heater working efficiently once again.
  • Installations: For new homes that need a brand-new hot water heater installed properly, we’re happy to lend our expertise. We work with builders all the time to ensure water heaters are installed and configured appropriately.
  • Replacement: Has your water heater met the end of its days? Is it costing you exorbitant amounts of money to get the hot water you need on a daily basis? Our Colorado Springs plumbers remove your outdated water heater and replace it with a newer, energy-efficient one. Our team works quickly and within your budget, to ensure you’re getting first-rate results.

Water Heater Repair

Affordable Services

Fixing your water heater or having a new one installed shouldn’t break your bank account—and when you call Affordable Rooter, we’ll make sure it doesn’t! We’re proud to offer top-quality service at affordable prices, because we care about the satisfaction of our customers.

If your water heater is acting up or isn’t supplying your home with the heated water you need on-demand, give our team a call today at 719-964-8310. We’ll get to the bottom of the problem fast and fix it completely, to give you total peace of mind. Contact us now!