Water Main Break in Colorado Springs

A second opinion is fast, free, and can save you thousands!

water main gave upOne of the primary plumbing nightmares for every homeowner is a burst water main. When you imagine it happening to you, you picture cascades of water shooting in the air and flooded basements. Luckily it’s not a very common occurrence, and a dramatic situation can be prevented if you know what the signs of a minor leak are so you can call Affordable Rooter before it becomes a costly disaster. We’ve been providing water main repair and water main replacement services throughout Colorado Springs, CO for nearly 20 years.

Your home’s water main is what connects your house to the city or county water supply. If something goes wrong it can become expensive to repair or replace depending on where the problem is occurring and how extensive the damage is. A leaking water main is not a repair job you want to do yourself like replacing a washer in your faucet might be. It requires a Master Plumber who offers fair and honest pricing and who can work with your homeowner’s insurance company. Affordable Rooter is also more than a plumber. We also can provide excavation services, so there’s no need to hire an additional contractor.

We want to save you money, not break your bank account

saving moneyYou want to make sure you’re dealing with an honest professional who isn’t going to sell you more services than you actually need. Here at Affordable Rooter helping you save money is our number one priority. If your water main problem can be solved with a less expensive repair, we’ll never try to sell you on replacing it instead. Already have an estimate from another plumber? We’ll match it or beat it. We even offer free second opinions to give you added peace of mind. Plus when facing the prospect of a potentially expensive plumbing job, you need to get a second opinion or risk spending thousands of dollars extra. We take pride in keeping your costs as low as possible as well as the superior quality of our work.

If you’re worried about your water main or aren’t sure if it’s leaking, don’t wait, call Affordable Rooter today.

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