How Adjusting Your Water Heater Temperature in Summertime Could Be Beneficial

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Summer is just around the corner! Throughout the season you’ll be spending more money cooling your home, so it’s important to find ways to be more efficient with your energy usage to prevent you from having to pay some hefty utility bills all season long.

Get Water Heater Repair

One strategy you might consider implementing is having your plumber in Colorado Springs, CO adjust your water heater temperature. Your water heater is a major part of your home’s infrastructure, and it takes a lot of energy to heat up the collected water. Adjusting the temperature could be highly beneficial during the summertime.

This is a sensible step to take, because there are higher ambient temperatures during the summer months. You don’t need to spend the same amount of energy heating your water with higher ambient temperatures than you do during the winter, when you’re dealing with a lot more cold air.

Here’s an overview of how adjusting the temperature of your water heater can make a positive difference:

  • Save money: Your water heater will be second behind your home’s HVAC system when it come to the amount of energy your appliances consume. The water heater tends to be under more strain during the times of year that have extreme temperatures, and as it works harder it expends more energy, meaning your bills go up. Adjusting the water heater to a lower temperature during the summer will help you cut back on your energy usage, saving you money on your bills each month.
  • Increase safety: If you have your water heater running to its full capabilities in addition to having water that’s already at above-average temperatures due to the heat of summer, this could result in some extremely hot water that could potentially cause burns to people in your household. Simply turning down the temperature on your water heater will make it much safer to use, as you won’t have to worry about unnecessarily high temperatures.
  • Help the environment: It’s more important than ever that everyone find ways to decrease their carbon footprint and increase sustainability in their at-home operations. Every little bit adds up in helping to keep the planet green. Consuming less energy is a big step you can take to do your part in helping the environment. Turning down the temperature on your water heater prevents it from having to draw as much energy to get your desired results. This means less consumption of fossil fuels to generate the electricity that powers your water heater.
  • Better long-term condition: If you don’t force your water heater to overwork to generate high temperatures, it then becomes less likely that the strain you place on your water heater will lead to it breaking down prematurely, meaning you’ll be able to maximize the lifespan of the appliance.

Interested in learning more about why you should turn down your water heater in the summer? Contact a plumber in Colorado Springs, CO at Affordable Rooter to learn more about water heater repair and maintenance. We look forward to answering your questions and helping you tackle your home plumbing issues.

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