Five Common Problems Water Softeners Encounter

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Hard water, which is caused by an excess of minerals in the water, is a common problem across the country. Hard water makes skin feel rough, ruins clothes and damages plumbing throughout your home. The only way to treat hard water is with a water softener. While water softeners are typically trusty units, they can break down from time to time.

This post from your favorite plumbers in Colorado Springs, CO will cover a few of the top causes of breakdowns and what you can do to prevent them:

  • Clogs: Blockages are usually the result of salt or other minerals building up in the interior of the water softener. The worse the clog becomes, the harder your water will be. Waiting too long to have a plumber fix this clog can lead to a total breakdown.
  • Salt bridges: Water flow can also become disrupted by a hard, crusty material known as a salt bridge. You might be able to break up the salt bridge by yourself, but it’s typically a better idea to hire a plumber to tackle the issue.
  • Motor failure: The motor, which is responsible for pumping filtered water to your home, runs anytime you turn on the faucet. Because it’s almost always running, it’s prone to breaking down if the unit isn’t maintained by plumbers in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Defunct resin beads: Salt-driven water softeners use resin beads that essentially replace minerals in the hard water with soft ones. Resin beads are designed to last for the entire lifespan of your unit, but they can fail and start to float around your tank.
  • Dirty filter: The unit’s filter is designed to block large minerals from entering the tank. If your water is particularly hard, your filter may have to work overtime to filter tons of these large particles. We advise replacing the filter every three months or so to prevent blockages.

Experiencing water softener issues? Be sure to contact our team!

If you’re facing any of the problems mentioned above, the pros at Affordable Rooter are here to help. These are the services we provide for water softeners of all makes and models:

  • Maintenance: Annual professional maintenance does wonders to prevent breakdowns and prolong your unit’s lifespan. We’re trained in inspecting and maintaining water softeners to set your mind at ease.
  • Repairs: Even with proper maintenance, breakdowns can happen suddenly. If any problem arises, we’ll send someone out as soon as possible to see what the problem is and set it straight.
  • Replacement: Water softeners can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. However, yours may need to be replaced at some point. When you work with us, you can trust that you’re buying an affordable unit and that it will be installed correctly.

The choice is clear if you need water softener maintenance, repair or replacement: call our pros at Affordable Rooter! Our competitive rates and wide range of services make us the top plumbers in Colorado Springs, CO. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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